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Lou at work

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLouisa Walker
SpeciesAmerican Black Bear
Weight150 lbs
SummaryLou Walker is short and a little plump, although her overall shape is fairly curvy. Her straight hair falls just down to her shoulders, and although she dresses primly and gives stern looks to troublemakers, there is a warmth behind her wire-rimmed glasses.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLou's fur is an allover black when seen indoors; in bright light, the reddish-brown highlights become clear. Her muzzle is a much lighter brown, almost cream-colored.
Hair ColourHer hair is a glossy black; like her fur, auburn highlights show in the light. It falls to her shoulders, and she typically wears it in a ponytail, with blunt bangs.
Eye ColourHer eyes are a clear golden brown, and a private amusement often shows in them.
ClothingMost often, Lou dresses conservatively, but fairly casually: a knee-length or slightly longer skirt (her favorites are all khaki) with a plain v-neck shirt. On the weekends, her students are sometimes surprised to see her out shopping in jean shorts and a tank top, but that's about as far as she goes.
AccessoriesShe very rarely wears jewelry; most of the time, her only accessories are her wire-rimmed glasses, worn with a beaded chain to keep her from losing them, and the barrette holding her ponytail, with the occasional addition of a forgotten pen or pencil behind one ear.
Special AbilitiesHer only particularly special abilities are an extremely thorough understanding of the Dewey Decimal System and a fondness for children, except the ones that tear pages out of books.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLou tries to be strict when she needs to, but she sometimes can't help her gentler side breaking through, especially when whatever the kids have been up to strikes her as funny. In general, she's easygoing, but she does have a slight tendency toward the obsessive and high-strung; luckily, she's able to focus it toward keeping the library organized.
LikesShe's quite fond of children, takes an unusual pleasure in alphabetizing things, and cannot remember a time when she didn't love books, in particular science fiction. She still hopes that maybe she can go to the moon someday. She's also very fond of good food, especially fruit and sweets -- a little more so than is good for her.
DislikesVery little really annoys Lou. She doesn't care much for cold weather -- it always makes her feel sleepy -- and people seemingly going out of their way to be rude drives her crazy, but most of the time, she's pretty hard to ruffle.
LocationLou's school is in a smallish town in Oklahoma, and she lives not far away, in one of the few apartment buildings in town. Even during summer vacations, she usually doesn't stray far.
OccupationShe's stumbled into the profession she was made for, in both appearance and temperament: school librarian.