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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTammy
Height5' 7" (172 cm)
Weight134 pounds (61 kg)
SummaryTammy stands 5' 7" tall with a pleasant, very curvy build toned by four years of near-constant club dancing. Classically raccoon features and emerald green eyes sit in a pretty face framed with a mop of shaggy, slightly curly loose brown hair that falls down to her mid-back, Lower, Tammy has a curvy, full figure just bordering on the incredible, with heavy maybe double-E-cup breasts. Below, a tight trim tummy, lithe arms and dextrous, slender hands, wide wide hips and a big, wide butt continue down into heavy, very thick and muscular legs and slightly oversize feet. Shaggy fluff sits unruly at elbows, wrists, ankles, and the base of her tail. Behind, a long long raccoon tail waves, banded and thick and fluffy, and incredibly mobile.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray with a white underbelly, dark gray mask and tail bands.
Hair ColourBrown and slightly curly, worn to mid-back in a shaggy somewhat wild style.
Eye ColourEmerald green
ClothingTammy usually wears a belly-T (A t-shirt cut short to show off her belly), a black leather biker jacket worn open, and blue jeans. In cold weather she'll add another shirt layer or two, always in contrasting colors. In really cold weather or chill rain she'll close up the jacket, too.

On bad-weather days she'll add in a set of black strappy boots.

Tammy's second outfit is her "club" gear: placing a violet shiny tube top on under a fishnet T-shirt, changing out the jeans for a black leather miniskirt slit up the side to the hip, with gold chains on it, and fishnet stockings. She'll also always wear strappy stylish boots, and lots of glowy bracelets.
AccessoriesTammy wears four little silver "stud" earrings in each ear. Each one has a different color of gemstone in them. Also, Tammy has a belly button piercing, which has a stud-and-dangle in a tribal-style layout.
WeaponryNone, as Tammy isn't trained in any form of combat. She is at best a passable fighter, relying upon her raccoon instincts there. Yes, this means she will bite, snarl, hiss, and claw in a real fight.
Special AbilitiesTammy has a number of special abilities:

First, she can choose to be utterly undetected by any and all observation devices other than the good old-fashioned Mk. I eyeball. This effect extends to a 1m radius from her, and includes the effect that even pressure-plate and switch-based security systems don't want to register her. They remain disabled for a good three minutes after she moves away, too. How this works she's not sure of (nor does she know how ANY of her powers work, they just DO).

Second, she can float by a form of self-oriented telekinesis. She can only move at a walking pace using this. She can also, separately, lift and move about 20 kg (45 pounds)

Third, she can use a modified form of macro-scale quantum tunneling to effectively "phase" through objects.

Last, Tammy can use the same quantum tunneling effect to essentially teleport. Using this, she cannot harm others or herself come to harm, as arrival into a solid object would merely shunt her to the nearest clear space. This would, of course, be VERY disorientating. She can carry someone with her, but this is VERY disturbing to the passenger, who usually sees things for those moments of transit that belong in the most terrifying of horror movies. Somehow, Tammy isn't affected by this, though she DOES see them.
Outstanding FeaturesTammy likes to float. A lot.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTammy is happy-go-lucky, silly, easy-going, and pleasant. She's not overtly sexual, usually, except in her dancing, where she turns on the sex appeal the way some folk turn on a light.
BackgroundAbout thirty years prior, furries just started appearing, for no discernable reason. All of them in that generation were born from animal mothers, meaning usually if not always the mother would die during childbirth. Needless to say, the infant mortality rate was staggering to say the least. It is estimated some 80% of first-generation furries died from exposure and lack of proper care. The ones that survived were usually the ones born in animal hospitals (and not put down for severe deformities), laboratories, or in human households. Even at 20% survival, the number of furs was never very numerous, and many went through their early lives without ever seeing another furry. Eventually some few got together and found they could reproduce normally. Nonetheless, many furries were being born in the wild, and still dying off.

Tammy was born in upstate New York outside of Kingston to a normal raccoon mother, her birth killing the poor raccoon. By sheer luck, she was found before death by some human children, who decided to raise her. They had no idea what they were in for... Essentially raising a child, they taught her to walk, talk, read, write, and do simple math, and then provided her many of their textbooks from a few years back in school. For an amazing ten years she was a well-kept secret, until one of the youths, now graduating high school and faced with leaving the raccoon for college, told his parents, who took charge of the ten-year-old raccoon-girl and raised her in their home. Unable to "keep" her, they eventually got together with the remaining youths and their parents and essentially raised Tammy amongst them all. Thanks to this loving, caring background, Tammy lacks a lot of the bitterness many furries in her world have. When she reached 18, she decided she wanted to see the "big city", and left on her own for New York.

Tammy is all about dancing, floating, and having fun. It fits, since it's her release from an elsewise-thankless life. She's technically homeless (though she has a place it's an abandoned apartment building with pirated utilities), unemployed, unemployable (due to what she is, a furry), and has no legal status in the USA (in her world the Supreme Court hasn't ruled on them being animals or people yet...)

Where she comes from, in the US, furries are treated by the general population about the same as black people in the 1920's, if not somewhat worse. They have no real civil rights. In the Islamic states of the Middle East, they're killed on sight/discovery, in the Euro theater they're ALMOST as confused as the US (Germany and Italy have ruled them people, the rest of the EU is undecided), The Russian States treat them poorly, and who KNOWS how they're treated in China, which consistently says to the world that there is no such thing as a rights problem with anyone, let alone furries). Australia considers them people, as does Japan (where they are held in surprisingly high regard, especially those furries who are descended of stock that leaves them to resemble treasured national mythological icons, such as fox furries being associated with kitsune and raccoons with tanuki), but India doesn't know WHAT to make of them. Canada's sitting the fence, as is England, and the various South Am countries are too busy with their own insanities to rule anything on them at all.

Tammy lives by odd-jobbing and no small amount of well-mannered and well-meaning thievery, almost always from places of extreme wealth. For example, she'll go out at night to closed EXPENSIVE restaurants, float through the walls, and eat her fill of top-notch food, come away with some drink or another, and then go and find some pleasing shiny to nick from some opulent, big-name, high-class jewelry establishment and go fence it. It gets her money, food, and drink. She practically LIVES though in clubs, hanging out and dancing from 11 PM until 4 - 5 am, getting free drinks and food from them because she's both a) VERY strange (a floating raccoon-morph) and b) a DAMN good and sexy dancer.
LikesCuddles, silly things, floating, laughter
DislikesPeople who try to tear apart other folks' happiness.
LocationAnywhere and everywhere!