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Vikedal Doing what he does best... Giving targets terminal lead poisoning from miles away.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVikedal
SpeciesDragon, Variable
GenderMale, Variable
AgeWay, WAY too old.
Height6 feet 11 inches, Variable
Weight260 (Anthro), Variable

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDragon/Anthro: Shining Golden Scales, With silver running the bottom of the tail from base to tip. Human: Caramel Skin, Well tanned from much sun exposure.
Hair ColourDragon/Anthro: No hair to speak of, Although some flexible spikes look close. Human: Brown/Black hair.
Eye ColourDragon/Anthro: Solid Red with a Black Iris Human: Bottle green
ClothingDragon: Usually the scales take care of that... Anthro/Human: Usually ends up being in MARPAT Camo BDU's from a long day's work.
AccessoriesDragon: See above. Human/Anthro: Never seen without his battle gear.
WeaponryRunning the gambit from 120mm Gatling guns to .22 pistols, Vikedal is an avid collector of any and all weapons he can lay his grubby little paws on. He is always carring at least 3 weapons, which are the M40A3 Sniper rifle, the M4 Carbine, and the M9 Beretta. He also always carries enough Ammunition to take over a small country, and enough grenades to put a rather deep crater into the earth.
Special AbilitiesAn Avid Magic user, Vikedal often makes good use of any and all spells in his arsenal, Most of which are consensual (both parties must agree). Spells include: Transgender, Transformative, Healing, Wounding, and most others. Has the ability to use magic on himself.
Outstanding FeaturesAn outstanding marksman, Vikedal can put a bullet through a flea's ass at 6 miles with his 20mm Vulcan Sniper Rifle.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually a good guy, Vikedal tends to be playful with a few of his spells, but avoids injuring anyone or anything. He does have a few sensitive subjects that he'd rather not be touched, and does have occasional run-ins with depression from his time in Iraq. He's usually over it and back to his playful self within a few days. Vikedal usually doesn't mind engaging in roleplay or transformations of any kind, and almost always uses consensual spells.
BackgroundBorn in a Land that Time forgot under the watchful eye of the school of hard knocks, Vikedal has experience and information with almost everything. After experiencing tens of thousands of years watching animals fend for themselves, He decided to study the magics of the earth, watching and learning wherever he could. After eons of learning, Human civilization began to develop, while the dragons decided to leave them be. This would be forever regarded as a very bad move. After the dark ages began to roll in, Vikedal noticed the humans were becoming much more adept at hunting his species, and so struck a deal with the knights of England. The dragons would stop attacking, If the humans called a truce. The deal was struck, and the dragons turned to hiding in remote locations. Vikedal, at this point, was becoming very interested in the transformation magics. After learning as much as he could, he used transformations to hide amongst the humans, making many many friends and relaying everything he learned to the dragons. After a great many years of espionage for the dragons, the humans ended the cold war amongst themselves. The dragons decided that they needed more information as to why the humans were fighting, and they sent Vikedal into the USA to join the United States Marine Corps, After he suggested he do so. Going through boot camp in San Diego in 1998, Hidden completely as a human, he passed with flying colors, acing everything. Joining as an 0321, Scout/Sniper, He did his classes and his training, then got shuffled around a bit during the peacetime. He knew it wouldn't last, and sure enough, A year after he's been selected as a Senior Drill Instructor at Parris Island, Gunnery Sergeant Vikedal was deployed to Iraq to guard a prison inside the Green Zone. After 6 months and 53 confirmed kills from a building posted outside the prison as a countersniper, a few near brushes with death, and a fresh battlefield commission, 2nd Lieutenant Vikedal was back in America, Doing what he'd always wanted to do; Teaching at MCB Quantico how to scout, recon, and snipe, where he remains as a captain and scout/sniper training platoon leader today.
LikesWeapons, people and furs, Other Dragons, Books, Novels, and Video Games relating to the Military.
DislikesPeople pretending to be in any branch of the military, People who pose as other people, His commanding officer.
LocationMarine Corps Base Quantico, VA.
Occupation0321, 0203, Scout/Sniper Training Platoon Commaner O-3, Captain USMC
Additional InfoThe Male, and primary, Persona of Lady Nora.


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