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The rather Sexy Lady Nora, Courtesy Tom Fischbach

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLady Nora
SpeciesDragon, Variable
GenderFemale, Variable
AgeWay, WAY too old.
Height5 feet 9 inches (Anthro), Variable
Weight160 (Anthro), Variable
SummaryThe transgendered Vikedal.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDragon/Anthro: Silver with White scales.
Hair ColourSilver
Eye ColourSilver
ClothingNone. Ever.
AccessoriesYou see anywhere to put a wallet? Don't answer that.
WeaponryMagic and stunning looks
Special AbilitiesA Massive amount of magic, as well as an adept ability to use illusionary and transformation magic.
Outstanding FeaturesLady Nora has a rather Impressive D-Cup chest as a human, as well as amazing flexibility.

Personality & Background

PersonalityExceedingly playful and bubbly, she's the less uptight side of Vikedal. While Still keeping the same major personality traits, when Vikedal transforms into Lady Nora, he loosens up from himself. She usually ends up being the mother figure, caring for other people and keeping people from exploiting them.
BackgroundWhen Vikedal found a transgender spell, one of the first things he did was test it on his anthromorphic form, resulting in a peculiar loss of scales. Lady Nora, herself, has been exploring the world and has the same basic background as Vikedal, although being more bubbly, she's looser with her magic. She likes to transform/transgender people just to see how they deal with it.
LikesMessing with people, Being cute, playing around with other furs, people watching her.
DislikesWearing clothes, people inappropriately touching her.
LocationUsually locked away Inside Vikedal, Although released when he feels like zapping himself with a TG spell or two.
OccupationBubbly Dragoness.
Additional InfoThe transgendered persona of Vikedal.