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Damien enjoys finer arts such as writing, in addition to killing.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDamien
SpeciesFeline (Cat)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTannish, with a darker stripe above the bridge of his nose.
Hair ColourAuburn
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingUsually a black hooded robe, but beneath it he wears leather armor with hooks designed to hold a surplus of chain.
AccessoriesA couple bags around his waist filled with a mixture of Caltrops and marbles, and a traveling backpack carrying interesting possessions he's taken on his adventures.
WeaponryHis primary weaponry is a long chain with a blade on each end. He can even keep sword users at a distance with it by alternating his attacks, retracting one and throwing the other. The blades also have a small groove used for disarming, holding, or locking them together to bind things with the chain.
Special AbilitiesDamien has a psychic ability which allows him to see things happening 5 seconds into the future. This is limited though, as he can only see a single outcome which he can change, and only from his point of view. For example, if someone throws something that will hit him in the chest, he will be able to know it's aiming for that area, and dodge. However, if it would explode upon hitting the ground, he wouldn't be able to see that coming, and get caught in the explosion. If someone were also to do something like steadily weaken the ceiling to the point where it would collapse, he would have as much a chance of noticing their plan as anyone, until 5 seconds before it would become noticable.
Outstanding FeaturesHis strength and reflexes are at peak for his species.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDamien views others as nothing more than toys for his amusement. He believes that he is superior to every other living creature. If he wants something from them, he will take it. It doesn't matter if it's money, their life, their virginity, or their heart. He will trick, connive, and kill until he gets what he wants. He is very easily tempted though. He will rarely refuse to indulge himself in alcohol or fine foods, which makes him an easy target for slow acting drugs if he does not suspect the person targeting him. In fights, he is desperate for a challenge. He will often try to help his opponent by taunting them to rile them up and force them to become stronger. He is also quick to accept special conditions and handicaps to up his challenge, such as, "Leave us if I can land a single hit" or "stop attacking if I guess how far into the future you can see". He also usually stops attacking when he sees his opponent begin to speak, out of courtesy for them.
BackgroundWhen he was growing up, his superior mental and physical abilities were called into suspicion when he answered his teacher's question before she asked it. Instead of treating his prescient abilities as a blessing to their village, he was ostracized for it. People believed that he was a monster. Few people had any recourse whatsoever for taunting and throwing stones at "the monster". Eventually, he decided that if he was going to be treated like a monster then he should act as one. He slaughtered his entire village at the age of 17, and never looked back. He has spent his years since wandering the world. He travels to wherever he can, and does whatever he wants. Sometimes he simply slaughters an entire village, leaving only one person on purpose to try to get him to take revenge. Other times he intergrates himself into their culture and looks for things to steal. Sometimes he writes books and publishes them in that city in hopes that someone will decode the hidden messages he leaves in them. And of course, sometimes he just finds beautiful women and rapes them.
LikesGood food Alcohol Fighting a worthy opponent Writing Challenging himself Beautiful women Killing Interesting things to steal.
DislikesWasting his time Naive people
LocationWherever the road takes him
Additional InfoStraight