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Kiya\'s Temple

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKiya
Age18-22 in appearance. Born around 1200BC. Real age
Weight45 kg

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGolden throughout her entire body. Her fur is medium in length.
Hair ColourJet black, cut completely straight at the ends.
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingHer usual attire is a long plain armless white dress, with a golden stripe sewn into the end. Ontop she wears a schenti / loincloth, the same colour as her dress, with an ankh imprinted into the front of it in gold.
AccessoriesOn top of the basic clothing Kiya wears a large number of golden accessories. She wears a golden piece of jewellery on her each of her lower and upper arms, and on her lower legs, which are usually covered up by her dress. Also another three on her tail. She also has two golden earrings on each of ears, two "belts" compromised of large collection of valuable stones chained together, and a large patterned band around her neck with the same patterns as the rest of her jewellary. She is also known to add further jewellary to her hair, and wear even more on her arms.
WeaponryA large custom made scythe almost the same height as her. She carries this pretty much wherever she goes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHaving lived a life of luxury for her entire life, Kiya is somewhat spoiled by nature and is not in any way used to having things her way. She’s by no means unpleasant, but she is familiar with people looking up to her and putting her in any other situation would be awkward for her. She is however, a trained fighter, and carries a large scythe with her no matter where she goes in the event of any danger, and would never be afraid to use it. Her religious beliefs are extremely strong, and she would often pay respect to the local deities in the ever growing number of temples throughout the city.
BackgroundKiya was born near the beginning the “New Kingdom”, around the year 1500BC, in the eighteenth dynasty Egypt. She was the only non human child of her parents, her father the Pharaoh of Egypt, her mother, a Sphinx like herself. Given her status as the Pharaoh’s daughter, and being Sphinx; an important symbol to Egypt which was generally worshipped throughout the entire country, she was given near god-like treatment. For the first few years of her life, she lived with her parents, but then at around the age of twelve, she was given her own palace with a large number of servants to deal with her every command within the ever growing city of Thebes, the then capitol of Egypt, which is nowadays, the city known as Luxor. For the next few years, Kiya lived alone and continued to be worshipped as a living god throughout the people of Egypt having a large number of statues and monuments built in her honour.
LikesStatues, Monuments, Temples honouring her gods, cats.
DislikesThings she does not understand.
LocationThebes, Ancient Egypt.

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