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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMirage Dagger
SpeciesJackal Cubi
AgeAnchent (looks 20)
SummaryThe crazy cubi sorceress that thinks she's Cugel the Clever.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMidnight purple with a creamy underbelly
Hair ColourAzure kept in an unruly mop
Eye ColourViolet
ClothingUsually comfortable casual clothes like a t-shirt a jeans, jumpsuits with many pockets as well as large, heavy tool belts lined with several dozen strange-looking tools and devices. But she can dress up surprisingly nice if you can get her to stop playing tomboy long enough.
AccessoriesA pair of silver-framed glasses. A bronze shield-shaped locket on a blue silk choker that protects the wearer against all divination and magical location and detection. A bag of holding with some useful magic items, spell components and personal nicknack's.
WeaponryA pistol armed with alchemical "trick rounds" that produce a number of interesting but generally non-lethal effects and an enchanted dagger that can release its welder from almost any binding.
Special AbilitiesShe's a master shapeshifter, her wings can sprout tendrils and she can read minds but rarely dose because others consider it rude. As a mage she follows the path of the Artifacter; a combination of an alchemist and an engineer.
Outstanding FeaturesA pair of big dark-blue wings spring from her back and a smaller matching pair of wings spouting from her head just behind her ears. A clan marking on her right thigh that looks like the kanji for star. She's also a little on the husky side.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDepends on her mood but generally she's good natured for a professional thief. She lives my a personal code that involves never harming anyone if she can help it and only taking from those who have too much and provide a worthy challenge to her skills. She lives for the thrill of beating the system not the money.
BackgroundShe's been around a few hundred years do you really have the time to listen to her life's story? I thought not.
LocationYou expect me to be in one place all the time? What am I a tree?
OccupationShe's a rogue, someone who makes her living though trickery and thievery with magic and skill as her sword and shield. She takes odd jobs sometimes, when she needs to lay low or plan her next mark.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteA dagger by night is equal to 100 swords by dawn.