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Shaia's Thigh tattoo/marking

Vital Statistics!

Character NameShaia Anderkard
Height5' 4" (163 cm)
Weight468 pounds (212.5 kg)
SummaryA short mouse with a mop of silvery-white hair pulled back into a ponytail. Bright blue eyes peer out from an adorable face. Lower, Shaia is muscle gone wild yet still very clearly female. Round, thickly corded shoulders and huge, heavy trapezius lead into thick, perfectly defined arms with round, peaked biceps which bulge up even when her arm is relaxed and fully extended and thickly scalloped, perfectly defined and gigantic triceps; forearms with immense flexors ripple whenever Shaia moves her delicate, slender fingered hands even slightly.
A massive thick back and heavy lats with incredible definition belie the huge breasts in front, each twice the size of her head and maybe more. Underneath these monsters lie thick slab-like pecs, leading down to incredibly thick, shredded abs. Even when relaxed completely in sleep, Shaia's abs are rock hard and bulge, shifting with her every breath. Her hips flare wide, with an immense, round, super-tight butt behind and her long pink tail waving.
Lower still, Shaia has truly immense legs, with tremendous quads so huge they force her legs to stay slightly apart. On the outside of her right thigh is a stylized dark gray silhouette of a dragon curled around an orb apparently either dyed into the fur or some sort of permanent alteration to the color of the fur there. Lower yet, her calves are so huge they look like someone stuffed a pair of overfilled footballs in each of them, bulging out to taper down to small mouse feet.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur
Hair ColourSilvery-white, a bit shaggy in front, and pulled into a ponytail behind which drapes down to mid-back.
Eye ColourNormally blue, though in times of stress they turn an eerie green-gold and go slit-pupiled, glowing from within in an eerie orange light.
ClothingShaia wears usually very little:
Over her top, Shaia wears a very tight sleeveless, short blue vest with gold trim. The vest is chained in front by three chains, the entire thing leaving a foot-wide gap in the front, her cleavage easily being seen. Blue leather-like bracers grace her forearms, each one with ornate inlay in gold filigree. These lead into a trio of chains connecting to a plate over the backs of her hands, which have a chain connecting them to gold rings worn on her middle fingers. Around her immense biceps she wears thin bands of leather elastic enough to stretch when she flexes.
A belt depends from Shaia's hips in a shimmery metallic blue, with a loincloth underneath covering her privates, and a strip of blue cloth hanging down in front and another in back. The cloth is also trimmed in gold thread and has gold-threaded markings adorning it in the shape of dragons. To one side hangs a fancy-looking scimitar-like sword. Lower, Shaia wears ornate footgear, with a blue shin-guard of leather leading into the same kind of chain and plate to ring setup like on her hands, but with a sandal-like bottom under her feet. Underneath these she wears blue cloth open-toe and open-heeled socks.
AccessoriesA pair of small pouches full of enough trade gems to make any merchant drool with greed: rubies, emeralds, diamonds, opals, sapphires, topaz, garnet and amethyst inside.
Shaia also carries a small pack filled with various items picked up in her wanderings, plus an incredibly comprehensive healer's kit, with everything from the mundane to the exotic for healing. Some of these items are magic in their nature.
WeaponryA single scimitar-like sword in an odd blade-guard style sheath. When drawn, the blade shimmers at the front in blue hues like water, clearing to sky blue with moving clouds in it further towards the hilt, to a flaming orange that dances in leaping flame images, then to shifting orange and red like lava, finally to a rich silvery-gray at the hilt. Five rings adorn the inside of the curve which jingle when she moves, each of the same material as the section of the blade to which they're joined.
Special AbilitiesShaia can call upon the classical five elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Metal) in personal melee-range and hand to hand combat. This is coupled with inhuman levels of speed and incredible strength far out of logic or proportion for such a small mouse.
Shaia is also a talented healer, using herbal remedies and some form of limited chi manipulation (can only heal).
Shaia is also utterly unbothered by climate changes; even walking in sub-zero cold or flaming deep-desert heat doesn't bother her at all.
Outstanding FeaturesInsanely muscled and curvy on a short frame.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, affable, outgoing, and sweet.
OccupationWanderer and healer.