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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRachoi
Genderwar form: neuter (ru
Age201 (looks 21)
Height11 feet tal, eight foot long tail, 44 foot long wing span
Weight390 in war form, 35 in rubber form
Summarylonely and seeking those similar in ways, having incredibile magic at birth and not wanting the powers he has at times, commanding the strongest and most primal elemental magic, never needing armor except in the most extreme of battles, having a second form for pleasure, as when born, he was unlucky to have no genitals, finding a lab to have a small conversion to a rubber form, but a small error, making an addition of a femmeinie hole, though finding happines anyway, only wanting friends.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour (war form)faded black scales with only a few white scales showing, plating along the top of the face (rubber form) slick, shiny and smooth rubber skin, a small air valve at the nape of the neck
Hair Colournone, but six horns of the same faded scales color medium lenght curving downward
Eye Colourchanges depending on mood
Clothingsimple robes, and a belt
Accessoriesa pack holdin a myriad amount o artifacts and made items
Weaponryclaws, and a sword that can change to other styles of weapon if needed
Special Abilitiesprimal elemental magic, including the Omega element, creating most anything, strong healing of self, but subject to painful visions
Outstanding Featuresplates on the snout, six fangs, six horns

Personality & Background

Personalityshy, but always looking for friends, defensive of who he cares about, and always trying to get stronger to protect what is close
Likesmagic, sparring, relaxing in the forest or at a calming setting, finding friends and cuddling
Dislikespain, war, blood
Locationnone, drifter
Occupationnone, drifter since being banished from his village

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