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Middy running around in her anthro form. Image by Buckywhitetail13

Vital Statistics!

Character NameUEA Midway "Middy"
SummaryMiddy or UEA Midway is a living space craft. She can assume a humanoid form which is a hybrid of a cat and lizard

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is blue and her scales are purple
Hair ColourHer hair is purple
Eye ColourHer eyes are black
ClothingMiddy usually appears nude as clothes don't tend to change well. She is still learning earths ways and customs so she doesn't understand the taboo of being nude.
WeaponryMiddy is equipped with a pulse cannons when in ship form. She is meant for stealth and speed not fighting
Special AbilitiesShe has the ability to change forms and move mass around. She can change from 150,000 ton space craft to a 120lb girl.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMiddy is very bubbly and very naive. She is still learning the ways of the world and the universe around her. When in space craft mode her interface is neural and in most earth bound humanoids causes sexual pleasure when in control of her. She is very loyal to her "sister" Kara and her friends
BackgroundShe was "born" less than a year ago when a wayword spacecraft crashed into an unknown planet and into a bubbly pool. This pool was actually a shape changing species that never saw another form before. When the Midway crashed they absorbed it and middy was born. The crew and the ship was found by Kara Tenerath while she was flying her spacecraft around one day. Kara mounted a rescue mission and was able to recover the crew and the ship. The ship taking a catgirl form after seeing Kara. She mirrored Kara for a few months as she learned to control her shape. Slowly with the help of a TF gun she learned how to take all kinds of different forms. Once she returned to earth the military decided she was to be cloned many times over but Kara put a stop to it with a phone call to a marine friend. Middy to this day lives with kara and her family on Koko-prime. Kara's custom built dimension. She is free to do as she wishes and is learning to be a person
LikesMiddy loves food and will eat until stuffed. She is very cuddly and enjoys it very much when she can muster a "crew" to go on flights.
DislikesShe hates fighting. She cannot stand it
LocationShe currently resides on koko-prime and visits Offscale and Nightstar realms regularly.

Just for Fun

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