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Max, arriving at a planet, compressed to planet sized (and still compressing) and preparing to interact with its inhabitants.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaxwolf Omega
SpeciesMultidimensional Cosmic Omega Wolf
Age~400 Quadrillion Years
HeightVaries, can shapeshift by compressing himself. His normal height is unknown as he is still growing.
WeightVaries, as Max can manipulate his gravitational field so he can be as light as a feather or heavier than several billion dimensions.
SummaryBehold! The discovery of a body of multiple dimensions in the shape of a wolf?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight purple fur while opaque, while translucent, he has purple space matter composed of dimensions, multiverses, universes, galaxies, stars and a lot more, INCLUDING kitchen sinks.
Hair ColourPurple.
Eye ColourYes, purple.
ClothingWhile in PG zones, usually tight stretchy fitness type clothing that can be worn upwards to about 1-2 miles in height before they begin bursting off him. If not in PG zones, he can be quite the exhibitionist.
Special AbilitiesWith his bodily cells composed of dimensions, Max can draw from a vast resource of energy and power. As every second passes by, several trillion big bangs occur within Max giving way to the creation of new body cells, dimensions and new life. As new dimensions are created, they are constantly and exponentially added to Max's power giving him a virtually bottomless source of power. As such, Max is constantly finding himself having to master and remaster his powers to prevent him from accidentally wiping out universes with a breath or a touch. Max also has to be very careful of his body as well, for a significant lapse of his control can cause his body to swell in size to planet size, or in power to beyond god-like levels or literally explode in raw energy destroying galaxies within seconds or less. With only his small form and drawing from a one drop of power from one cell of his body, Max can displace between several thousand to several hundred thousand tonnes of weight depending on the stability of his body. He can also emit energy and KI blasts from his body. His gravity and energy manipulation also allows him to fly at Supersonic and light speeds. In this form, he can fight on equal or greater terms with super beings. He can enhance his strength and power using the familiar Super Saiyan Forms drawn from the awesome power of Legendary Super Saiyans who live within his body without having to grow larger and become cosmic. Once in his cosmic form his power level rises exponentially and can access more abilities and draw more power from beings who live inside his cells. His power level in his Low Powered form alone rivals powerful deities and high gods. It is only due to the insane number of dimensions that make up his being that allows him to do this. Nigh-unlimited and still-growing strength, Raw Cosmic Energies, Gravitational manipulation and Elemental Attacks are at Max's disposal depending on when he is dealing with beings of that nature. As he allows the wellspring of power to fill and overfill him, his cosmic skin stretches, quivers and struggles in effort to contain his incredibly dense cosmic muscles filled with dimensions, multiverses and universes which often squeak and groan when he flexes or poses. With this extreme muscle growth, he quickly reaches his overpowered and too overpowered forms. In certain conditions, if he becomes too dense or suffers a gigantic power surge, he can explode and evolve to a new and more powerful state of being though this is extremely rare. This has only happened twice in his life so far as he has turned from a universal being to a multiversesal being to an interdimensional being. If his full power is somehow not enough while in Cosmic Form, Max can also utilize Legendary Super Saiyan Forms further amplifying his seemingly bottomless source of power as well as drawing from other sources. Despite the uber-all-powerful level of Max, he CAN and HAS been defeated before. However, this writer isn't at liberty to disclose such weaknesses as Max is standing right next to me watching me type this out. >__>
Outstanding FeaturesMost likely his over the top musculature made out of striations of cosmic muscle matter.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOpen-minded and despite his age, pretty immature and clueless, Max continues to learn about life through hearing people who live within his body and interacting with people inside the dimension that is outside his body.
BackgroundScientists of a former Race X were attempting to create a universe singularity in the search for a sustainable and renewable power source. Not only did they succeed, but the singularity gained quickly in mass and power. The core, the size of a large nuclear planet containing the singularity swelled and being compressed under presser caused a catastrophic explosion which absorbed all matter in their universe. Within a few years the First Omega Wolf formed and awakened and began his travels in space and inside of him, life itself swirled around forming new planets and galaxies. His epic growth for eons to come began in earnest.
LikesChatting, meeting new people, very powerful beings (most notably women), sparring, playing with space and playing with his body often showing off in the process and destroying several multiverses in the process. .
DislikesBeings who don't appreciate life or who would needlessly destroy life. Beings who threaten life inside and outside his body and most Space Marines. Despite this, he doesn't suffer too much guilt from the destruction of simple demonstration of his powers intentionally or unintentionally. It varies randomly.
LocationIn space.
OccupationResident Multi-Interdimensional Deity-like being. 1 person Demolition Machine and Inter-galactic mover for hire.
Additional InfoIn addition to the bottomless source of power from beings inside of him comes a bottomless source of knowledge. Max can hear beings who live inside of him, usually when they pray to 'god'. From that he is able to learn of life in and around himself and when he is alone in space listening to people inside of him. Max is often troubled by this as he neither their god or a god or isn't able to directly answer them. He is powerless to help them directly, yet they help him always by contributing their power and energy towards the one united being in Max. Max avoids reading the minds of those inside of him having learned the lesson of being responsible with his power for if such knowledge or power is tapped can easily corrupt. Because of this, Max is often an attraction for beings seeking ultimate power for good or bad intentions.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLife is too big to be small. I keep growing and growing and growing and growing...

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