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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTatiana
SpeciesAvalonin (Ailen Thylacine)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrownish-gold with a metallic shine
Hair ColourPurple-black
Eye ColourGreen with gold pupils
ClothingShe prefers to wear simple lose-fiting clothes such as robes and cloaks though her style makes some believe she possesses multiple personalities. While working in the lighthouse, she always wears bland, utilitarian clothes of dark color. But when enjoying herself Tatiana tends towards gossamer dresses cut from huge swatches of bright silk or satin and decorated with jewels and ornaments, which accentuate her exotic form.
AccessoriesA white silky choker bearing a silver star pendent, silver wire-frame glasses and a crazy black top hat that is not all that it appears to be. She carries other items in her pouch but nothing of importance.
WeaponryIn general, she prefers to talk her way out of trouble rather than resort to violence, but she enjoys a fight now and again particularly when she can bruise an over inflated ego. She defends herself with a rapier and a wheel-lock pistol that fires enchanted rounds, supplementing her weapons with spells as needed.
Outstanding FeaturesEbon-black zebra stripes running down her back and underside of her legs and arms. A pair of butterfly wings that she can shape-shift into and out of her back at will.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTatiana the mad (as the locals call her) is a bit of a riddle. While other mad mages are evil, Tatiana is just eccentric which often leads to some strange and funny moments. She finds amusement in the smallest things, has a habit of muttering to herself and her moods change without warning or reason, a clear sign to most that Tatiana isn?t playing with a full deck. Despite her insanity however she?s harmless (most the time) openly friendly and genuinely nice to everyone. At times however she feels the pain of being without a past, a place or a people and prefers to be alone with her thoughts. One thing is for certain, when it comes to Tatiana nothing is for certain.
BackgroundTatiana knows little about her origins or her people. She was rescued as an infant from the remains of a shipwreck after a particularly devastating hurricane, of which no other survivors were found. She was adopted by the local lighthouse keeper and grew up living a simple yet peacefull life. As the years went by Tatiana proved to be very intelligent and good hearted, but she had a habit of getting into trouble. The lighthouse keeper, a retired privateer who Tatiana had always called her uncle, knew he was to old to properly raise the girl. So when she turned 14, he went to see an old friend at the College of Sorcery and was able to convince him to take young Tatiana into the College as an apprentice. By the time she was 18 Tatiana had learned much at the College. She also had found new ways to get into trouble thus shortly after her Uncle died Tatiana was asked to leave the College. Since their rigid ways had always bothered her she left without putting up a fight, and returned to the lighthouse takeing her uncle?s place as it?s keeper.
LikesAdventure, Art, Cuddles, Chocolate (AND HOW!), Fun, Magic, Music, Macros, Nature, Size-shifting
DislikesBeing ignored, Discrimination, Horn-dogs (perverts), Jerks, Know-it-alls, Mundanes (Hard asses that spoil everyone?s fun), Winter
LocationSentinel rock lighthouse
OccupationShe makes a living as a lighthouse keeper though as a hobby she?s also a mad sorceress.
Additional InfoIn addition to her magic Tataina has two natural powers. The first is called Slip stream, a form of teleportation that uses mirrors as a doorway betwen two points. The other is Synergy, transforming energy into matter allowing her to grow and vice versa to shrink, this ability however is linked more to her emotions then her will so her control over it is rather unstable.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote*Laughs maniacally lighting flashing in the background.* I?ve always wanted to do that.

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