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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMarkus Silverman
SpeciesHuman organs still remain, but skeletal structure was replaced with Force-imbued laminanium and various cybernetic devices, hair, skin and other visible parts of the body are produced to mantain human apperance
Weight166 lbs
SummaryMostly human Jedi Knight who found his way to the Macro Dimension-see more inside

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTan, as he tries to get a decent amount of sun
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourGray, with red optical scanners implanted beneath eye lens, where they stay hidden until Markus retracts his skin, hair and other outward biological features.
ClothingJeans, white T-shirt,New Republic pilot's uniform, or whatever he feels like
AccessoriesDatapad, a droid or two, a Corellian YT-2000 transport named Otana, lots of guns and other weapons, specialized armors, etc
WeaponrySilver-bladed lightsaber, wrist blasters, repulsors built into limbs. Proficient in all other known forms of weapons.
Special AbilitiesHigh-powered Force Abilities, cybernetic body allowing him to move at heightened speed, shut down sensory nerves,retract all skin and hair in order to expose menacing Terminator-like apperance, etc. Near-perfect memory, enhanced technical skill, however he has the magical ability of a rock.
Outstanding FeaturesAbility to play the eletric guitar while doing vocals and ROCK!

Personality & Background

PersonalityMarkus is usually acting like your average teenager, but he is a pretty nice person at heart and is open-minded until confronted, in which case he becomes highly dangerous and should be dealt with cautiously.
BackgroundIn his personal log, Markus kept a record up until his enterance of the macro dimension. It reads as follows: "Once, I lived in a country called America, on a planet called Earth. I was ten years old when I went to the atomic research lab my father worked at. It must've been the summer of 2008. He showed me a test of the particle accelerator. There was a flash, and the next thing I knew, I was in serious pain. I woke up in a strange medical lab three months later." "Apparently, the Empire was testing it's own quantum devices at the same time we were, and somehow, I was taken from my own universe and placed in this one, int he galactic year 14 ABY. The Empire was conducting a weapons test, and a metal beam fell on me when I appeared. Every bone in my body was shattered. Only my organs survived. Strangely, I arrived with a datapad containing nearly every piece of recorded information on Earth. It has since been copied, and while the entertainment was certainly appericiated, I felt the cultures had been lost." "So, they took me to a medical lab, and rebuilt me. I was placed in stasis, and a man named Malan, a Sith disiple, oversaw my reconstruction. When he found I could use the Force, he made me into a killing machine, or, as he put it, "his apperentice". All the replacements for my bones were made of Force-imbued laminanium, a strong, light metal. He put different kinds of weapons in me, and soon, he tried to train me." "Now, throughout all this, I was bewildered. Where I had come from, everything in this galaxy was a fictional work. All I knew was what I saw in the movies. I had no idea about my Force abilities until Malan trained me. I quickly became an expert in lightsaber combat, and I secretly plotted to leave that hellhole." "The time came when the New Republic attacked the base I was in. I got out, and the soldiers directed me to Luke Skywalker, who was busy rebuilding the Jedi. He taught me the rest of the Force. I tried to keep my culture intact, but by the time I was sixteen, I practically could do anything. But something wasn't right. I knew something was out there I just had to do." "So, I left for awhile. I joined the Fighter Corps, won a starship in a card game, hung around the galaxy. When I was eighteen, I went back to the Jedi Academy." "Luke was glad to see me back, and sent me on a mission right away. I was sent to an abandoned planet, Isoctia, to search for a missing New Republic research team sent to investigate a strange device called the Gateway. No sooner had I entered the atmosphere, when a light engulfed my ship, and I disappeared." "I found myself in a very strange world, most likely another dimension. There were people there, but they were bigger than anything I'd ever seen. Some must've been fifty feet high, some even taller. I saw they used some sort of magic, unlike the Force but similiar in practice, and that their tachnological level rivaled that of 21-st century Earth. I was able to remain hidden long enough to gather information and, recreating the exact conditions with my ship's hyperdrive, was able to re-enter what I call "the Star Wars universe"." "The New Republic was incredibly intrigued by my findings. I am now re-entering the gate, nearly 6 months later, with one goal- to make contact with these people, if they are friendly, or, if hostile, make sure they never enter our universe." End of log entries
LikesThe idea of friendly macros in the galactic communtiy, his friends, alcohol, flying, fighting, sex (yes, his bits are still intact and fully functional), rock, etc.
DislikesMacros who attack and humiliate micros, the Empire, the Sith, annoying people. (Is known to kill the first three if any agressive action is made, while the fourth can be tolerated...for a time)
LocationMacro dimension, Yavin 4, wherever
OccupationJedi, pilot in Rogue Squadron for two years, whatever there is a need for.
Additional InfoSlight alcoholic, can rock with the best of 'em

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Laugh it up, fuzzball."-Han Solo to Chewbacca, The Empire Strikes Back

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