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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRheia Seltyn
SpeciesStriped Skunk
Height5' 5" (165 cm)
Weight175 pounds (79 kg)
SummaryA mop of silver hair with bright blue tips flops in a long, fluffy shag over a cute skunk face, deep purple eyes peering out, lending it a slightly mysterious-seeming gaze. Below, her body is a mix of well-muscled curves worthy of a fitness model or gymnast, topped by a chest worthy of a porn star. Toned arms with visible muscles to them taper to slightly oversize hands, while below the curve of her breasts she sports a very well muscled tummy. From behind, her upper body forms a well-made deep "V" shape, with enough muscle to show through the thick shaggy fur very well. Her tail is massive, definitely too big for her body's size, and super-fluffy. Wide hips lead into extremely heavy legs, thick and large, their curves delineated by very heavy musculature. Big calves taper into plantigrade () Human-like) feet. Both her feet and hands are graced by inch-long black claws kept well-manicured.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourthick and shaggy black fur with a white underbelly, neck, muzzle, and inside of thighs. Her tail is black on top with white across the bottom, two stripes in white accenting the black. Her forearms from mid-forearm to fingertips are white, as are her massive calves to her feet.
Hair ColourSilver hair in a shaggy fall to her ass, the tips of the shag being a very bright blue, almost metallic
Eye ColourA deep almost mysterious-looking purple. In the dark, her eyes glow a bright purple.
ClothingRheia wears a silvery-white tube top over her rather immense chest, relying upon her thick fur for warmth in colder climes. Below, she wears a bright blue miniskirt, often switching this out for an equally bright blue set of jogging shorts tailored specially to fit her tail. On her oversize feet she wears darker blue open-toed front-laced boots that cuff down at the top. Sometimes she'll put on a light blue denim jacket on, always short sleeved and adorned with a prominent "Love The Skunk" button on it in front in magenta and black.
AccessoriesAn iPod and headphones in a pocket, and in a backpack a laptop computer.
WeaponryA balisong (butterfly knife) kept in a pocket for emergencies. It has more often cut food or packages open than it's ever been used in combat.
Special AbilitiesSkunk musk!
Outstanding FeaturesHeavy curves and ample though not immense muscle.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly and outgoing, with a love of snuggling and hugging.
LikesSnuggling, hugging, cuddling, and good conversations. Her literary likes include a lot of science fiction, and she is a lover of anime, especially the older anime.
DislikesPeople who look at her and assume she's all about sex. People who want to HAVE sex without even knowing about her. People who make sex their sole reason for existence. While NOT a prude, Rheia prefers REAL relationships, and a one-night-stand with her is a rare thing.
LocationSnuggling your tail!!!
OccupationComputer technician