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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAllan reivera
AgeAround 14
Height6 foot 1
Weight145 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPale fleshy toned skinned
Hair ColourBlack with blond highlights in the long spiky downward emo fashion, Covers up his left eye, Shaved off during Prison sentence. Regular hair color is a pale dark brown.
Eye ColourHazel,left eye is red color
ClothingThe classic goth/emo look black jeans black shirt with random rock bands on it. and sometimes the gray 'Leave me alone cuz i am depressed' hoody. brown shoes. Usually he wears other stuff. He wears dark blue boxers
AccessoriesWears chains some of the time
WeaponryBaseball bat modified for more damage
Special AbilitiesCan turn into a half indigo aka quarter demon and has the negative prism that can magnify anything that goes through it 10 fold but it increases fatigue 10 fold if used on self
Outstanding Featureslarge scar along the chest from the right shoulder to the left hip grows wings fangs claws and a tail when blood becomes tainted(enraged)

Personality & Background

PersonalityEven if he looks like a bad guy he is kind,gentle, sympathetic and will try and make friends with most people. He is a bit unstable.
BackgroundBackground is being researched.
LikesHugs, Family, Friends, music
Dislikesignorance,people who harm the innocent, and naked people. Violence people who are Asses
LocationKyoto, Japan
Occupationworks for VOID a combat faction. But also a cook.
Additional InfoFatal muscle eating disease...

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteGame over, Asshole./ Go already!

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