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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAtreyu Skaoi
SpeciesSnow Leopard
SummaryA Depressed but Happy, Snow leopard from Australia. I don't Smoke, Drink, Swear (Much), Hate people for NO Reason, Spam. In case of Trolls, my name is Pedro. If you want to get to know me then just sent me an email or something, I won't bite.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAtreyus' pride and joy is his unique white fur, with it's random combinations of spots. During the winter it is longer to accommodate the cold, during summer it's short so he doesn't melt. The spot patterns change randomly, they don't really move it's just the way the black-tipped patches are arranged.
Hair ColourThe over-used long black (Dyed) hair thats longer on the right side. Dyed multiple colors on a weekly basis, it's the rainbow of all hair. He doesn't change his style very often because he likes his hair as it is but lately he has been looking at new styles, a change may be in order. He has streaks of purple, pink and green in at the moment, all on the right fringe.
Eye ColourHis natural eye color is grayish blue color, but he is known to wear contacts because he was never happy with one look. Normally it's candy pink eyes but n occasions he changes to lime green or another neon color. He mixes and matches them as well, it's not uncommon to see him with loads of weird combinations.
ClothingHaving done 'Home Technology classes' in high-school he personalizes most of his articles of clothing with stars, hearts, skulls and other random objects. Hes' normally wearing a pair of "Black / Gray / Blue" jeans matched with a girls T-shirt with catch-phrases one of which is his most notable "Hey Tiger" shirt.
AccessoriesA trademark necklace of some kind must be worn at all times, if not a necklace then a collar and leash. A gold bracelet on one hand with a love-heart on it is commonly seen. A silver ring around the opposite leg isn't unheard of either. He has usually got some kind of toy or ball to play with if he gets bored, one of which is a Rubix Cube.
WeaponryBeing so uncoordinated he would most likely hurt himself if he pulled a weapon out. He's not been known to fight or get angry except for moments in his past. He knows how to use sticks pretty well, combine that with the power of his "Run Away" skills he is unbeatable.
Special AbilitiesApart from the amazingly fictitious ability to look sexy, he has no really powers being young and easy to distract. Slight touches of Deja Vu have been known to occur but nothing out of the ordinary, he has lucid dreams commonly if that counts.
Outstanding FeaturesA very non-subtle love heart shape is position below his left eye on his cheek, the debate over where he put it there or it was a birth mark is extensive. He knows he's had it since forever but such a mark is not your average everyday spot, lump or mark. He has a scar on his wrist from when he was young, he fell of his bike and clawed him self, people call him "emo" all the time because of it.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDepressive and Suicidal sometimes to happy and eccentric on good days, this mixed personality is due to all that he has been through in his short life. When people have hurt his esteem and him in general, it's not surprising he is constantly on medication. Despite this sadness he tries to be optimistic when he can. He has a big heart and cares for many people, he is affectionate and feminine, such as he is what people would call a "Uke-boy" or a "Girly-boy".
BackgroundGrowing up in a peaceful town, he never really experienced anything tragic. He just enjoyed himself day after day of his life this changed when he moved into year 6 of his schooling career, people seemed to hate him for no reasons, rumors were spread, feelings were hurt, people where injured. A phase of his life that he'd like to forget was during the time he left one of the bullies that had hurt him lying in a hospital bed. Medication was issued and the problems went away. Reality was distorted and he was just faking wellness. From then on he has tried to be himself and to let no one get him down, but he still requires meds for depression.
LikesA strong passion for dancing has been around since he was just a small cub, cooking is another of his favorites, when he is not doing either he is writing, reading, painting, drawing or designing something stupid. He has a love of taste and new and exotic foods are compelling even at such a young age.
DislikesAtreyu' has no real dislikes apart from things such as "Anti-Furs" and the sites devoted to calling us furries "Furverts" and an all manner of other disgusting names. You people are truly the worse of the two. The only thing else that annoys' Atreyu is possible people whom hate him for who he is and what he stands for.
LocationAtreyu currently lives in Australia, but there has been talk amongst his family of a move to Canada, he would much rather be in Canada not just because Australia holds little to no interest for him, but it would put him closer to everything he loves.
OccupationWhilst countless attempts for jobs have come and gone, Atreyu' has had no luck and survives of his parents. His dream job would to be a Zoo worker or a Vet.
Additional InfoHe knows the sad truth that people do not care about each other and that he is part of the only group of people whom do still have pride in helping others, he is proud to be a furry and would never say he wasn't. He doesn't hide himself away or let himself be trodden on.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteMy hopes are so high, that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me, so I die happy. My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer.

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