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this is what Lugianite is in his prime.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLugianite
SpeciesDragonite/Lugia Hybrid
Weight532 lbs
SummaryA very loyal and gentle Dragon, kind hearted to a fault.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilver outward scales, light blue on the belly.
Hair Colournone
Eye Colourdark brown
Weaponryhis own powers
Special AbilitiesAble to use Telekinetic abilities to help people as well as his natural Dragon moves
Outstanding Featuresgentle, fun loving Dragon, very friendly.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGentle, a good Dragon to most.
BackgroundLugianite: His past A fate full time of over 300 years ago, the Pokemon Dragon Empire was in full effect. The economy was great and I was born on a glory day.. However, the Dragon Council was in shock. I was born with the body of a Dratini and the wings, eyes, and tail of a baby Lugia. This is how it happened to be this way. My Mother was a Lugia; she had the features of a seal, bird, and Dragon. My father was a Dragonite, a powerful Dragon with a gentle nature. He was the leader of the council for the last thousand years. Obviously, the marriage was a huge controversy among Dragons at the time. A Dragon of noble descent getting married to a Lugia, the fabled Sea Guardian's daughter? Absurd! The Marriage itself was a violation of sacred Dragon Custom. It did not sit well with the Council. They looked upon me as a threat to their Empire’s future. So when I was born, my fate was sealed. Due to my hybrid form, they ruled me as an abomination, and they sentenced me to die later that day, along with mother. Mother outsmarted them and saved me by flying out of there with me. My father, not so lucky, died that day while buying us time to escape. The very council he led murdered him. Mother brought me to the Sea Temple and raised me there with many Lugia. I was generally accepted and welcome at the temple, and I got along well with the Lugia. Then, it happened. A few years later, the Dragon Council found out where my mother and I were. The Dragon Council then launched a surprise attack on the temple and killed most of the Lugia, including my mother. The Guardian of the Sea, a Lugia with three times the normal firepower of the standard Lugia, came to my aid and saved me. I owe him my life. If he had not gotten me out of there, I would have died in the temple. I was never accepted in either clan after this outrage. The Dragons thought I was a demon, and the Lugia were literally wiped out. In addition, all of my family died in my early stages. I was truly an outcast. 25 years later I evolved into a Lugia/Dragonair Hybrid. This is when I learned to fight hard. This is the point where I hunted down one of the council members at this time and slain one of the murderous thugs who ruined my life. This is how that went. He was in the mountains and was alone. I came upon him and identified him as one of the heartless bastards that attacked the Sea Temple . I then brutally launched an attack from behind and stabbed into his lower skull with my tail, which immediately started to gush out brain fluids and blood. I felt a cold feeling awaken in my heart. One commonly known as satisfaction. I then fled the area, leaving his corpse to rot. I then had to deal with bigger problems. The first of course was a question of survival. I was hunting by now, so I had no trouble at all with this question. The second was how to evade the Dragon Council. That, I thought was covered already. The last was loneliness. That was solved quickly. On one day in a summer of those times, I met the most beautiful Dragonair of my life. Her name was Dragotira. She had blazing brown eyes burning with fiery passion, a light heart that was as courageous as a lion, and was gentle. She thought I was cute being part Lugia. I at first felt nervous, but she helped put my warring mind at peace. That is when we got together. Five years later, we had a son, which we named Dratino. Dratino had no deformities, save one. Its eyes were ocean blue, not the normal brown. A few days later, disaster struck me, yet again, when I thought my life could not be any better. The Dragon Council found out where I lived and set a trap for my family. I found this out when I arrived home from hunting. There was blood everywhere on the ground and then I saw the scene that changed my life entirely from a heavenly bliss to a Fiery Hell. Dragotira lay dead on the ground with a slashed open throat, apparently killed protecting our son. Then the worst came. Dratino was dead too, killed in his very cradle, throat slashed wide open. I can still remember the message on the wall, painted in their blood. It said, “What will you do now, Demon? You have no place to go, nowhere to run, no family to stay with to ease your pain.” For about a year after, I wandered aimlessly around the area, until I found another Dragon Council Member in my range of opportunity. My life had purpose once more... I hunted and killed the Dragon Council one by one. The first was a Dragonite of the same family of my father. He met an “accidental” fall. In addition, the others did not fair well either. After I killed a good six of them by then, and I decided to go into hiding again, awaiting a new purpose and goal in my life. 126 years later One Dragon that I did not kill was on the council. He was the one that nearly died defending the Lugia temple. A good friend named Salamence. Salamence argued against the council about all their choices to kill my family and me. As a result, he nearly died for my mother, the Lugia and me. When I was at the temple to find out where the Dragons struck from, I saw a crater on the middle of the fountain area with the imprint of a Dragon. I went to investigate and then saw a house there with lights on and went inside. That is when I met Salamence, the only decent member on the old council. He trained me up and I then evolved to what I am now, a hybrid between a Dragonite and Lugia. Then, when he deemed me ready, he communicated with the Guardian of the Seas and arranged for a way into the old Dragon City . At the proper moment, The Guardian of the Seas came and led us to the Dragon Empire. He led us up to the door of the city and left, saying, “This is your battle. Fight with honor and Dignity.” That is when I entered the glorious city again. Then, I walked into the Hall of the Council for the first time in my life. I was amazed by what I saw. It was radiant with life, light, and the sound of music was heard all around me. There were many Dragons going around peacefully, contrary to what I believed. The welcome, however, was cold. The Surviving Old Council Members knew Salamence and me. Salamence left at this point and wished me luck. The council was made up of three Dragons now instead of nine. The members went like this, going from top to last. Rayquaza, the lead member, was passive and calm, with emerald green scales, a fiery passion in his eyes, perhaps the best judge. Latios, second in charge, had a white body with blue lining all over his body, was full of anger and would likely kill to get his way. Latias, who had the same body as Latios but had a soft spirit and had red instead of blue lining, and was the youngest and most caring, was concerned about the situation. All three looked at me as if I was a threat. The Dragons around there saw who I was and were shocked. I could tell because of what they were saying to each other. "Is that Dragonite's son?" "Must be, he is part Lugia" "Quiet, he is going in there" one statement that I heard, still haunts me to this day, "I heard he has killed dragons." Then I walked to the chamber, there was a straight path made for me out of fear, and I felt my heart almost break when I saw the eyes of the Dragons. I was feared. When I entered the chamber, the remaining council looked at me. Rayquaza dived straight into business and said, "We realize now that we have been wrong in our treatment of you.” Latios bitterly agreed, "Too many of the Council has disappeared when they tried to report you.” Latias looked deep into my eyes and said, "Wow, so this is the Legendary Council Master's son?" Latios nodded, and replied, "He is.." Rayquaza looked at me and told me to take a seat at the tallest chair, and I refused. “No, I will not join you at all. You killed my family, my friends, and all who were important to me, No. I refuse.” Latias looked at me and smiled playfully, “I can make it worth you time and effort. I will make you a proposition that you cannot refuse. I will be your wife and if you refuse this, you will damage my honor, and violate my family.” Latios threw a sour look at Latias and then sighed, “You had better accept Lugianite. Or I will have to kill you due to tradition.” I looked around and I scowled. “I accept.” I then became a member of the council, although Latios was not happy. Latias was overjoyed and immediately accepted me for who I was. Rayquaza was happy to have a powerhouse in charge again. However, Latios had had made it clear that he had to be dealt with eventually. So I took him aside one day, “Latios, what is your issue with me?” He answered, “You killed those council members, didn’t you?” I nodded slowly, “It was absolutely necessary at the time. If I had not, I would not be here today.” He sighed and nodded, “Well, I accept that.. Welcome back, Leader.” However, after a few months we worked as a team. We were one type of mind. Never surrendering to any other empire was the goal. Then tragedy struck yet again. Only this time, it was not from the council. The Dragon Empire made too many enemies out of its neighbors. They all attacked at once, killing dragons on sight. My most horrifying moment was when I saw a female Flygon rushing to her children when she was hacked down and gutted by Barbarians. I then saw flash backs from my Lugia senses. I saw through my father’s vision in his last moments when he was attacked by all the council except Salamence, who stood by his side. I heard my father's voice for the first time, "Salamence, save my son and my wife, go!" I saw five hyper beams coming at me through his vision. Then it went black. I then reawakened and saw Salamence standing over me. "Salamence! Get Latias out of here!" He nodded and left. I stayed and attacked the intruders that were killing all of the Dragons and then I started killing them. One of the intruders I pounded repeatedly and then used his body as a weapon against his kind. I then heard screams of helpless baby dragons dying. I tried rushing to the scene, but was blocked by people with hard steel casing and long sharp steel sticks. This was the first time that I ever saw Humans. A few seconds later, I was almost out of energy and Latios dived in and took a shot for me. I can remember myself yelling, "LATIOS, NOOOOO!" He fell and yelled "Run Dragon Leader, GO! GET OUT OF HERE!” I tried to approach, but was pushed back by Psychic. He yelled at me, "NO! JUST GO! TAKE CARE OF MY SISTER!" Rayquaza rushed in and attacked. I lost both friends in the same day. The city was in ruins. The dead and wounded were littering the streets, and the innocent murdered. The Barbarians let out a cheer of victory and left the area. I never saw Latias or Salamence again. 50 years later My life was an empty shell. I neither felt nor gave emotion. I was like a wound, open yet closed. I knew that I was the very last of my kind, and to make matters worse, everywhere I went, I saw Humans. I was no longer afraid of them, but at the same time, I did not want to get close. I went to the icy glaze area near the South Pole. I was just trying to avoid Humans, but then was captured by Moltres and her people. I remember being tossed into a dark, cold prison cell, and being told to stay quiet. I at first felt nothing, and eventually forgot who I was. This is when Moltres hired me as her personal assassin. I willingly accepted and asked for my first assignment. She said, “There is a Human on the continent, around three kilos south. Eliminate it.” I looked at her then bowed, “As you wish!” I tracked down and trapped the Human. He looked up at me as I entered the cave that I trapped him in with his family. I then grabbed and held him up by the neck. I then glared into his eyes with a cold-hearted glare and said “DIE HUMAN!” With that, I snapped his neck and ripped off his head to bring it to Moltres. When I got back into the base, Moltres stood there with a big smile upon seeing the head of the Human. “Good work, now I have another job for you.” I looked at her with anticipation. She continued, “There is a Dragon city to the north of the Old Imperial Capital. Find it and eliminate their leader, for she will pay you the same favor if she finds out you are alive.” I nodded and replied, “It shall be done.” Moltres thought, and then said, “Stay at the city and rule the Dragons, I will call you when I need you again. Understood?” I thought about it thinking, ‘I will be with my kind again, but what is she trying to hide, she looks guilty of something’, but all I said was “As you wish!” I left the next day and saw the Dragon city and approached it. As soon as I was at their walls, I was surrounded by guards. The first guard, a female Dragonite barked out fiercely, “Who are you and what is your purpose here?” I answered, “I am Lugianite, survivor of the attack on the Imperial Capital, and last of the Dragon Council.” The guard saw my eyes and saw I was there for something other than friendly talk and she nodded. “Go on in there, but do not expect a warm welcome. And keep out of trouble.” She left with her troops and left me be. That is when I entered those doors. There were bright streets, music, and life. I felt a conscience grow inside of my mind and tell me, ‘If you kill this Dragon, you will ruin the lives for all these Dragons.’ My heart grew warm again, a sensation I have not felt for fifty years. I was with my kind again. I went to the main building and went up to the leader, a Rayquaza with golden eyes and aqua green scales, who looked at me with concern lighting her eyes. “Lugianite, How did you survive the crucible of that raid? Is my brother all right? Is everyone safe? What happened?” I saw now that I could not kill her because she was family to one of my close friends who died. I then told her what happened during and after the raid. She then said, “I see, so the reason you originally came was to kill me. What will you do now?” I felt a tear fall down my face and I embraced the leader, “I won’t kill you. I now feel loyal to this city. I will not harm a fellow Dragon, even if it means betraying Moltres and her minions. I see that Moltres was only lining me up to be killed.” She listened and said, “I will make you a commander in our forces, because the Humans and the Southern Moltres have been a threat that must be dealt with. And you know how they fight.” I knelt in front of her, bowing my head.. “At your command Alitara, they shall not succeed.” Later that day, I met the same guard that pinned me outside of the gate. She looked at me with a cold-hearted look, and she said, “What the Hell do you want?” I looked her in the eyes, “Alitara has put me up as a Commander for the oncoming battle. I will need your help.” She looked at me with a slight increase in trust, “Who is attacking us?” I answered, “The Southern Moltres and the same band of Humans that attacked the Imperial City .” The Guard took off her helmet to reveal the head of a Dragonite, a beautiful one at that. She looked at me with a look that said that she did not trust me, “What are your orders, Lugianite?” I thought for a moment and then said, “I need half of the heavy hitters surrounding the main building where Alitara is and I want them to guard it. Tell them to have Hyper Beam ready. When the Moltres get close, we have to strike fast before they freeze our forces. All the rest of our soldiers will hang back and then launch to do Lightning Strikes on the Enemy. Any questions?” The Dragonite thought for a moment and then asked, “What about us and all the leaders?” I thought for a moment and then looking deep into her beautiful eyes that had wisdom and courage as deep, as wells and answered, “We will be on the wall, as for Dragon Custom. I will personally be on the wall with the rest of the troops.” She only nodded and said, “I hope this works. By the way,” She looked at me mischievously. “You’re cute!” She left the room and I stood there, stunned and then asked a guard that walked in, “What is her name?” The guard said “Nickname or real name?” I said, “Both!” The guard answered, “Her real name is Marinara. Her nickname around here is Silent Katana.” Lugianite thanked the guard and left the area. I entered another guardhouse and looked at this other commander, a stocky Salamence, with a Lion’s heart, named Darinah. I then told the guard captain the plan and the guard captain agreed. “At your command,” he said to me. I nodded, and left the building, when I bumped into Marinara, who said, “Wow. Making friends with your new soldiers?” I laughed and said, “You bet!” and then I said, “They are a lot nicer than the morons I knew at the Imperial City .” Marinara looked into my eyes and said, “We were raised with respecting other Dragons. Do not think that turning against Moltres will be easy, because you may have endangered yourself and your species. But we will stand by you until the end.” She paused and looked at me, “I have heard about your past. I know that you were hunted by your kind, and were brutally tortured to hate the original Council. How do you feel now?” I paused for a few seconds as a flood of emotions that I have kept behind a door for one hundred and seventy six years over whelmed me. I looked at Marinara and then asked her to follow me to an empty street where I knew I would not be heard by anyone but her, and then I told her about what happened to my mother, father, wife, and son. She listened intently and then looked into my eyes with a look of compassion, and asked, “Do you want me to keep this a secret?” I answered, “I will not order you to, but I will ask you as a friend to keep this between us.” She responded, “I will.” She started to leave and then paused, turned around and looked me in the eye, “I will stand forever at your side, Commander, no matter what happens.” I nodded and she left. As soon as the Dragons were set in their positions for battle, I saw another vision with my Lugia sense. This time it was my mother’s last minutes. I heard her voice, “Brother, I need you to get Lugianite out of here. I will buy you time to get away!” I saw the Guardian of the Seas look at my young form, pick me up and fly away. My mother turned around and faced the attackers. She used three aero blasts and then my vision went Dark. I came back to the fort and saw the Moltres approaching. I barked to me troops, “AIM!” The Moltres flew closer. “FIRE!” As soon I said it golden beams cut the air and hit half of the Moltres out of the sky. The rest, including their leader, were still approaching. I then took flight; alongside me were Salamence and Marinara. I then flew toward the leader. Moltres looked at me with surprise and I looked at her with so much hatred. She asked shocked, “What is this madness? I ordered you to kill the Rayquaza, not aid her!” I looked at her coldly, “I will not betray my kind. But you will fall!” She looked at me with rage and then sighed, “Well, I guess we will not kill you as I thought we would. Ok Fleet, new plan, Kill Lugianite, He has betrayed us!” I then looked at the two hundred birds all powering up. Salamence looked at me and said, “Run Commander, I will hold them off!” I shook my head and said “No! I got you and your people in this, I will help you get out!” I then blew the Moltres away with an Aero blast and burned two more with the Power blast. Marinara followed through with three flamethrowers and one Hyper Beam, and then Salamence came last, blasting the hell out of the others that were close to us with outrage. I realized we were outnumbered and out matched. I looked at Salamence and said, “Got to the city, and get the main offense launched, NOW!” Salamence nodded and left. I stood beside Marinara and blasted a few more Moltres away. I then felt something hot hit me and everything went dark. When I woke up, I saw Marinara standing over me with a look of great concern on her face, “Lugianite! Please wake up!” It sounded very loud in my ears and then my vision refocused and I saw the bodies of the Moltres on the ground, and asked, “Who won?” Marinara answered in a cheerful voice, “We won! Your strategy got us through the battle!” I then shook myself back to my senses and felt a warm sensation on the back of my head. “What happened out there?” I asked. She replied with an inner rage, “The leader of the Southern Moltres decided to uses a fire blast on you from behind and knocked you out. I came at her and ripped her to shreds. Before she died, she said, ‘You have already lost. You and your kind will perish in the sands of time, lost for eternity.’ And then she died.” I knew what Moltres meant and hung my head. “Marinara, what she said does contain some truth. I feel it right now. The Dragons will be hunted and slain one by one. We must find some where safe for our kind.” I then felt a rush of air coming from behind me, and turned to see Alitara come up to me. “You have proven your worth, Lugianite. Moreover, you are the sole reason this city survived. We are forever in your debt.” I looked at the leader and then said, “Look, I will continue to protect this city, and I need motivation.” The Rayquaza looked hopefully until I continued, “But everyone here is responsible for the victory. They pulled off the plan and like wise, they deserve the credit. Not me. I must leave this city, to rediscover myself and heal my spirit. Until then, I need something to fight for.” Alitara came to me and said, “You are wise and strong. We need more Dragons like you. Stay here and heal yourself. Look at this city. Be part of it. You only live once. I will even have Marinara go with you.” I thought about it for a few moments and then accepted, feeling my heart have the warm feeling again, the feeling of service. “As you wish.” I buried the dead part of my soul, the part I carried for my whole life; slowly lift, and then I saw the light. I was meant to save the Dragons from extinction. I then went around the city with Marinara and I slowly fell in love again. Every time I saw her eyes, they were beaming with hope for the future. Whenever I heard her talk, I was a ray of sunshine to my heart. I was at peace. After a few days of touring the city, we went into her house and she took me aside and asked, “Lugianite, are you all right? You have not been talking much over the last few days. What is wrong?” I looked up, and said, “Nothing is wrong, just trying to find a way to uh… Well, what I meant to say was…..” I blushed, being embarrassed. Marinara looked at me and understood, “I love you too. I will be happy to marry you.” I felt overjoyed, married Marinara. But it was not to last. we were walking one day through the forest when the evil creatures with steel sticks struck again, this time, killing what I had left. Marinara died trying to save other Dragons. My heart was turned to a void as I gathered the surviving Dragons, who looked at me with pity and mercy. They understood what I was going through. So we flew away in search of a new home, and found this area outside of The Sky Temple. I took charge and flew to the Sky Temple , where a young couple, a Lugia, a bird that was armed with power and wisdom of a different era, and an Articuno, a kind, pretty, bird of prey with a warm caring heart, ruled. I asked for the area, with a golden hall, and silver streaks of light, and they accepted. But it was only to last for a short time… A few months later, Articuno and Lugia had a break up, and Articuno chased him off. My Dragons fled, seeking refuge, and I was again, left alone. Unable to believe what I saw, I fled to a special place, a place of healing, and natural peace, or such was said for Dragons.. But for me, it was a painful reminder of what I tried to leave behind, and one day, in that ‘;paradise’, I felt no more reason to live. I left it, feeling empty and cold. A few months later, a young, silver Latios approached me, asking what I would do to lead if the Dragons came together again, and I could not answer, and nearly choked up when I saw the look in the Dragon’s eyes, and said, “I will do my best to defend our kin to keep them from disappearing forever…” And the Dragon nodded and left. I tried moving on, but was too empty, and Humans were everywhere. I wandered like this for the next 98 years, looking for purpose. Killing for survival and pleasure of the kill were the only things I had. Love was lost and happiness with hope felt dead. Last Year I was traveling over the Aletro Mountain Range, when I was approached by Arceus. I froze with fear, looking at this new Pokémon. But he spoke in a calm booming voice, “Lugianite, I place my blessing on you, go, you are the new guardian in this area.” I looked up, too confused to understand, and then shook my head, “I have done nothing to deserve this honor.” Arceus looked at me, “Yes you have, you saved the Dragons, and you saved the world. And if you call that nothing, then you are lost. You are becoming a Guardian no matter what.” I finally agreed, and I finally was granted one thing as a help, I am now a guardian of a mountainous terrain of Morotania, no longer afraid of Humans, or death. And I am destined to stay, for eternity. My curse. My blessing. My life… A Few Months Later I was flying over the peaks of the mountains, when I spotted Arceus, the Guardian, and a young, oddly colored Lugia, with a female, green haired Human to the right, and to the left, a silver Latios. I flew in and was waved at by the Guardian. Arceus spoke up, his tone serious, “We have a problem.” I landed close, and looked at him, “What is it?” To be continued…
DislikesHuman hunters and cities
Locationsomewhere in the hoenn region

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