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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArcangelo "Vendetta" Vilano
SpeciesHusky dog
GenderMale (Bi)
SummaryArcangelo is Emilio's big brother. He is less of a thinker than his brother but is still very intelligent. He likes to fight and most of his power comes from and can be explained by his nickname: Vendetta, which means vengeance, revenge.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is the same color as his friend: White and light gray.
Hair ColourHe got very long silver hairs that he holds togheter with a blue ribbonl that drops about halfway behind his back.
Eye ColourHe got beautifull silver eyes.
ClothingHe nearly always walks around with naked torso, usually wearing very light clothes. His favorite is a white silk dress shirt with a blue flame pattern and white 3/4 cargo shorts.
AccessoriesAround his neck Arcangelo wears a ring that he has since he was born. He never knew what was it's purpose and his father never wanted to explain it to him.
Weaponryhttp://images.rocards.de/item/13100.jpg Arcangelo fights with special guns called the Vendetta Pistols. They draw power from vengeance. The more he gets vengeance, the more he is dangerous with his guns. Also, if his mission is to get revenge, then he is even more dangerous. But, despite his power, he does his best not to need to use them and often says: «Please, I don't want any trouble.» to people trying to hurt him.