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Kaliska Sketch

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKaliska Redwolf

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is deep red with a tinge of purple throughout. It also changes color slightly depending upon the temperature. It turns purple if it is cold out, blood red if it is hot.
Hair ColourShe has vibrant wild red hair that runs down to her shoulders. It is very unkempt and as unpredictable as wildfire. A testiment to her personality.
Eye ColourHer eyes are a bright green with no pupils whatsoever. A hint of her inhuman nature.
ClothingShe tends to wear little clothing at all. Mostly black leather in any outfit she can find.
WeaponryKaliska has the uncanny ability to control and manipulate the temperature around her as well as fire itself. This is her weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesHer body temperature is above normal, roughly 120 degress F.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe has a quick temper that flares into any raging emotion like anger. Kaliska also feels rejected by society, so she'll do anything to make herself shine and convince others that she is better than anything else in the world. Her fallings however, are being teased. It gets to her emotionally and causes her to lash out without thinking.
BackgroundKaliska grew up as an outcast. A homeless creature with no friends or family to speak of. The times she tried to make connections, it was always with the wrong crowd. Especially because she has a power over fire. She was used and abused, made to commit crimes. It was the only way her power was useful, so she thought and others made her think. Throughout the years, she discovered within herself how bad people were and how she was nothing but trash to everyone. So she withdrew from the world and become one to only look out for herself. Now she serves herself and only herself and could care less about the world and everyone there in it. But a small part of her still wishes to have what she never had, friends and family.
LikesBlowing things up, using her abilities, showing off, being the center of attention. She is quite the selfish one.
DislikesCold, Ice, water, almost anything that deals with it. Especially the rain.
LocationShe is a drifter.
OccupationIf there was ever one she'd choose, she'd be a demolishion expert.
Additional InfoKaliska's powers are not magic. She is really a fire elemental given new live with memory implants of a false life. The only thing magical in nature about her is the wolf shell that identifies her as a female redwolf named Kaliska.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Whatever."