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Sail Fearlessly

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBoundless
Weight4,925 tons
SummaryA highly-modified Executor-class destroyer, the R.A.S. Boundless is a freight hauler with enough hidden weaponry to go toe-to-toe with battleships and giants three times its size. Owned and operated by Captain Mathieu Bonvents, The Blue Mage.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMahogany, Cedar top deck. The rest of the ship is a deep gunmetal blue, composed of steel alloys. Her engine parts are covered in glossy black aluminum.
Hair ColourSails are typical off-white, with a small winged anchor stitched into each corner. One is rigged square, the other is rigged Japanese-style.
AccessoriesFunctional hangar has room for two fighters of Colossal size or less. Twelve lifeboats, located to the rear of the vessel, if the ship should go down in action
Weaponry--Six 350mm 'Mark XVII' cannons mounted in three turrets of two; two above, one below, guarding the engine cluster. --Two 260mm cannons mounted in the middle of each mainline turret. --Twelve 120mm recoil-less mountings on each side --Four 20-pounder 'stern chasers' --Two CIWS mounts on either side of stern --twenty-four 'Defender' AAM --Twenty 350mm naval artillery, sawn-off, extended, or salvaged from battleships all over the world, forward mounted in a 'shotgun' array behind the bow's armor plate.
Special AbilitiesF.O.G.: Ostensibly named 'Friction Oscillation Gun', the weapon is colloquially known to the crew as the 'Frig-Off Gun' The front of the ship splits into four roughly-equidistant prongs, channeling electric current between themselves and towards their target while the main cannon fires a copper-laced projectile. Once passing through the electric current, the shell is energized thusly, inducing shipborne electrical failures or otherwise paralyzing its target. * Broadside, Flying, Tactical Fire
Outstanding FeaturesThe ship's rudder can bend and fold away, and extend a set of custom-installed landing legs in order to facilitate emergency landings on stable ground (plains, runway tarmac).

Personality & Background

BackgroundOriginally a prototype frigate in development for the Royal Navy, the Executor-class assault frigate was stolen from its clandestine berth in an extraordinary pirate operation. The Dark Claw pirates under the command of Raoul Ja'far-ibn-Ahmoud initially engaged the Navy with intent of defeating them and then claiming their prize. Instead, a very small detachment of the Winged Anchor pirates, led by Blue Mage, stole the ship from right under both parties' noses. After circumventing the hastily-thrown-together Imperial blockade, Blue Mage took the ship across Europe, fighting the installed governments wherever he went and claiming what treasure they found. Along the way, the vessel acquired a number of its signature features, including the quadruple propeller assemblies and its blister-like forecastle. Even a much stronger blockade would not deter the Coruscant, as her captain staged a clever fake demise--sabotaging his own ship enough to make a clean getaway. With repairs made in Dublin, the ship then plied the shipping lanes to skies unknown. In combat, the ship finally fell, taking a black pirate's flagship down to the depths with her. Crushed but inspired, Captain Bonvents decided to bring back the ship that made his career. On a rickety old dredge he worked with his crew, round-the-clock many days, until the ship was finally completed. Emblematic of its victory over rust and dust, the vessel was renamed Boundless, to show that no thing would ever limit its crew ever again. The ship participated, and fired the final shot in, numerous aerial engagements over the city of Groundzero, among many places. The most notable of her victories was against an alien semi-biological entity; despite shielding and the most powerful abilities of the city's metahumans, the Boundless's mainline gun and canny piloting prevailed.
OccupationFlagship of Mathieu Bonvents
Additional InfoThough rated as a cruiser, the Coruscant--with all of its (highly illicit) modifications--can go toe-to-toe with ships thrice her rating and twice her size and give the opposing vessel a sound thrashing.