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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArchanie
SummaryHe's a big guy (obviously), built, a bit muscular, but not overly so. Everything else is mentioned below.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur a jet black and rather thick over his while body. Any flesh that could be visible to the eye under normal circumstances (inside of mouth, penis, tailhole, etc.) is black as well.
Hair ColourHe's got no discernable hair sperate from the regular coat that covers his body.
Eye ColourDeep green, specked with brown.
ClothingHe is VERY rarely ever seen wearing clothing. If so, though, baggy black pants and an oversized, deep blue t-shirt.
Special AbilitiesThough not technically an 'ability' that he exhibits, he can take either an antrho form (usually) or a non-morphic one, which is equivalent in size, over three feet at the shoulder on all fours.
Outstanding FeaturesHe is digitigrade. His face resembles that of a non-morph, with little human characterstic to be found, save his ability to mange facial expressions. His tail is rather long for a wolf, the tip nearly touching the ground when standing. He is rather 'well' endowed, sporting a fully canid cock that measures over a foot in length and has a knot that's comparable to a softball.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHis personality can vary greatly, as everything else about him, depending on his mood. Sometimes very playful and affectionate, sometimes sadistic or downright evil. More usually the former, as he takes to acting like an oversized puppy most of the time. He always acts dominant, the position of being submissive making him feel awkward.
LikesCold. He LOVES the cold. Other canids chcolate, ice cream, snuggling, and has a preference for females. Also, non-morphs, ferals, N/C, voreraphilia, snuff, and as much as the violent, evil things, he's always good for taking it slow and sweet.
DislikesHeat. As much as he loves the cold, he hates the heat ten times more. Kimchi. As a general rule, he leans away from scalies and avians, but it all depends on the individual level. He greatly dislikes licking/nibbling to his neck unless having given permission of some sort, and being restrained by any means. Also, WS, scat, diapers, VERY underage characters (teens are okay, nothing younger than that), and taking it up the butt. He may be bi, but he always tops with other guys.
Additional InfoHe's got a female counterpart named Sita