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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSita
Height(usually) 7ft3in - 2,21m *
SummaryA big girl, built on the upper side of atletic, muscular, but not overly so, two modest breasts and six nipples, the lower four of which are hidden beneath her fur unless parted. Everything else will be below.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur, covering her entire body, thick enough to nearly hide the nipple on her breasts, which stick through more than the others, but blend in due to all of her flesh being black. Inside her mouth, her sphincter, her vulva and even the inside of her vagina.
Hair ColourBlack, as the rest of her fur, but not as coarse (not that her coat is particularly so), and continuing in a sort of mane that ends between her shoulders, the longest bits falling to the small of her back, usually tied at the back or her head with a small leather thong, to keep it from getting in her way.
Eye ColourDeep hazel.
ClothingAside from the strip of leather securing her hair, if you'd consider that clothing, nothing. Always nude, thinking her own fur offers plenty of cover to keep her decent.
Special Abilities* Though not technically an ability of hers, she will ocasionally sizeshift pre-scene, making herself a bit smaller, generally about 6ft.
Outstanding FeaturesShe is digitigrade. Her face resembles that of a normal non-anthro wolf, only able to mange human expressions. Her tail is pretty long, the tips nearly able to touch the ground when she's standing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's generally very affectionate and quick to cling to the nearest deemed suitable person, intent on trying to snuggle them to death. She behaves rather like an affectionate puppy most of the time, though in sexual matters, usually doms. She can be a bit mean at times, but only ever for a good reason. (And if the other players involved don't mind ;) )
LikesCold, chocolate, canids, cuddling, and ice cream. -- Also, non-morphs, ferals, N/C, voreraphilia, snuff, and as much as she likes the violent, evil things, she's always good for taking it slow and sweet.
DislikesHot weather, creatures without fur (generally, depends on the individual), equines, loud noises, cramped spaces, and at certain times, being held down. -- Also, being caused pain, WS, scat, diapers, and VERY underage characters (teens are okay, nothing younger than that).
Additional InfoAlt of Archanie--- Player is willing to make certain changes to suit an individual's likes if they want to do a scene, but only to an extend and only if he likes you enough ;)