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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGust Tsuchie
Height5ft 9in
Weight9 stone

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblue (in both forms)
Hair Colourblue
Eye Colourgreen
Clothinga black coat with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans
Weaponrya long sword and twin pistols
Special Abilitiessuper speed, agility, strengh and stamina
Outstanding Featureshe has three hairs sticking out from his forehead

Personality & Background

Personalitycool, calm, sometimes over confidant, cocky, he does become serious in some situations.
BackgroundGust was born a year after Karl and Anna got married, he had a pretty normal upbringing, he grew up with his adopted sister, Kaira. At an early age, Gust showed amazing abilities with a sword and very good markmanship with gun. At fifteen years old he begain training with his father, Karl, to hone his abilities with a sword and guns. At 16 he met Sumie Chiba and instantly bonded with her. they have been dating since then. When gust was 17 he used his skills to help keep people out of harms way while kaira was a macro for the first time and getting use to her new size.
Likesbeing a micro around his girlfriend, Sumie, having fun, sex, watching Sumie grow to her macro size, protecting people from various things.
Dislikesbeing trick (except by Sumie), not being able to protect people, losing
Occupationcollege student

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotedoes a stranger become your friend just because you know their name

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