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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSlasher Tommy Whitewolf
SpeciesGriffin wolf (his race is Also known as the Crimson fangs or blood fangs)
Gender(changes at times)
Height7 foot 2 inch (changes at times)
Weight350 lbs. (Changes at times)
SummaryA shadow in his past lingers in a lifetime of forgetfulness and nightmares of past images that cast a shadow in his mind. Slasher lives in a forgetful bluer but seems to be under heavy ridicule for past misdeeds unknown to him. His clan was berried in his shadowed past along with family and loved ones. For now he dos what he knows and that is to survive by any means necessary. But what will this world show him as he stumbles forth into it unwittingly.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSlashers fur is Dark gray light gray and white.
Hair ColourBlack, and brown about shoulder length.
Eye ColourMoon yellow and changes to blue or green also red when heís mad
ClothingLight armor with runes and alchemistic stones in the goblets and a large lather black long coat
AccessoriesA silver looped earring in his left ear and a bone tribal necklace with a charm in shape of a fang
WeaponryShadow fang a mystic katana and Also his talons and fangs and larg wings.
Special AbilitiesAlchemy, Restoration, mysticism, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, and Illusion also shape shifting.The ability to focus chi in fighting spirit as one. Strange dragonís blood and supernatural powers from the red star he was born under.
Outstanding FeaturesSlash changes forms and sexes but takes on different personalities with each new form.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKind hearted, wise also well rounded and easy going but shy tends to be gruff and a little distrusting at times.
BackgroundHis past is unknown but his back story is his family transported him to earth because Nirvana Earth was under attack and being distorted by dark forces. Know his past wiped clean when he arrived hear by a demon that hosted his body over time. After his fight to regain himself a S shaped scar and a blank memory is all he has to go by other then the nightmares.
LikesEasley gets along with most others and likes others that are open and truthful also honest.
DislikesDoctors, disloyalty and labs and lies and things related to them. He hates being used or tricked or talking of his past. Pacifically the loss of his mate known as windfeather passing away as she gave birth to their children.
LocationThe sand gardens of haven grounds
OccupationBounty hunter and wondering swordsman
Additional InfoSlasher is part of a comic book series Iím doing and I take pride of his background and race.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteMy mind in youíre world

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