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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTangaroa
AgeMillions of years
WeightHeavy Enough

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVaries according to surrounding conditions: 35+ yellow (Fire/desert) 5-35 brown (Earth) below 5 white (Water/snow) Degree's are measured in celsius.
Hair ColourSame as above.
Eye ColourDesert - Red Earth - Green Snow - Blue
AccessoriesA staff: Desert - Earth - Made of solid rock Snow - Made of ice
WeaponryRead Above
Special AbilitiesThe ability to control the weather and using powers based on his current element. He starts off as earth element where he is able to create any sort of weather he pleases, as well as earth based powers, if things get too chilly he changes and is only able to make the weather colder and use ice powers. While if things get too hot, he is only able to use fire based powers to increase heat as well as sand based. With the latter two, the only way he is able to revert back to his normal form is through not using his abilities and allowing the weather to return to normal by itself.
Outstanding FeaturesHis size and special abilities.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe can be very stern, but can quickly change to being more playful as he enjoys interacting with lesser beings. Due to having such powers he can also come off rather arrogant, but without his staff he is lost as his powers are considerably lessened without it.
BackgroundHe is an ancient magus able to control the weather and various elements depending on the current temperature.
LikesShowing off his spectacular powers and skills. Friendly and talkative people.
DislikesMindless violence.
LocationWandering the world.