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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArcania Nyetro
SummaryA toony Thylacine turned mad scientist with a habit of making things go boom.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue fur with violet tiger-like stripes stretch from just beneath her shoulder blades to her upper thigh, and taper down her tail.
Hair ColourHer long violet hair usually worn back in a raised ponytail.
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingShe cads herself in a tank top cut short just above her pouch and a pair of baggy rave jeans in addition to an open lab coat.
AccessoriesSheĎs accompanied by a mech-pet named Glitch; a cat sized robotic dragon best described as Arcís R2D2. He communicates in beeps has more gadgets then a pimped out Swiss army knife and generally acts as comic relief.
WeaponryHer weapon of choice is the Random Ray which resembles a simple toy ray gun but generates any number of strange and wondrous effects when fired.
Special AbilitiesTypical Toonfur abilities: The power to defy the known laws of physics, can build cool sounding inventions out of thin air, a maniacal laugh and you'd be amazed what she can fit in that pouch of hers.
Outstanding FeaturesLike her forefathers she bears a pouch on her belly and can open her jaws alarmingly wide, seriously it makes your jaw hurt just watching her yawn.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEccentric but friendly she honestly doesn't mean any harm but she doesn't always think things though resulting in all sorts of chaos. Her heart's in the right place but she's clearly lost her mind.
BackgroundOriginally human she was an intern working at a local lab when some idiot broke quarantine and released a particularly potent version of toon flu. Fortunately an automatic lockdown kept the virus from getting out of the lab, unfortunately it didnít stop Arc whoís transformation into a illogical marsupial had crashed her sanity like Windows, resulting in the mad scientist we all know and fear. Luckily unlike most mad scientist Arc isnít evil, just deranged.
LocationWhere ever that last explosion flung her.
OccupationMad Scientist that happens to own the Livewire industrial arcade run out of a formerly abandoned warehouse with a lab hidden beneath. Best. Lair. Ever.
Additional InfoShe's accompanied by a small mechanical dragon which she ironically calls 'Glitch' that acts as a high tech take on a mage's familiar. He can speak and tends to be very polite and cautionary, except when conversing with Arcania. They seem to bicker and trade jibs fairly regularly.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI can do whatever I want I

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