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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRaisa Llin
Weight141 pounds (64 kg)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA deep jet black with medium gray down her front and tipping her tail; gloves and socks in the same tone. Beneath this thick, luxurious fur her skin is also a deep black with blueish-purple highlights.
Hair ColourLong silvery hair rolls freely down her back, twin bangs hanging to cover her forehead.
Eye ColourA deep red
ClothingRaisa wears a formfitted black vest, made of a lightweight and expandable material. The vest is adorned with six identical buttons about the abdomen.
Tied loosely about her neck is a scarlet scarf.
Her forearms are covered in bands of material not unlike the vest she wears.
Her toned hips are covered in a loose fit pair of pants coloured the same as her vest.
These are tailored to allow her huge, fluffy oversized tail free reign.
Her feet are bare to allow ease of movement.
WeaponryRaisa carries an arcbow and a small quiver of arrows.
Special AbilitiesAs with all of her kind, Raisa can convert energy from one form to another, losing a tiny fraction as heat. However, she can re-express this energy in any number of forms, including focusing it for use as a weapon. Some forms of energy are inherently dangerous, though; like gravity or any radiation over the X-Ray end.
The energy output CAN be coherent (ie a laser beam).
In addition, Raisa can float, canceling gravity, and can move slowly about through this method.
Lastly, Raisa can teleport from one place to another.
Outstanding FeaturesCute, quick as lightning, and essentially dangerous if she wants to be.
Raisa is also one of 5% of the blackfox population.
She can be deadly with any projectile but genetically lacks the capability with personal combat.