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A moment to regard you studiously.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNorion Oliver Falstaff
SpeciesHomo sapiens augeous
Weight190 lbs.
SummaryNorion Falstaff is an upstart young officer in the Imperial Navy, and about as crafty as they come. Subjugation and foreign politics are his game, and he's holding the rulebook making sure everyone else plays along--all the while finding the loopholes that make him exempt.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCaucasian
Hair ColourPlatinum blond
Eye ColourL/Red, R/Blue
Clothing*Commodore Uniform, white with blue trim as opposed to the usual blue and gold. *Black false-leather boots, knee-high. *Collar is black
Accessories*A curious parchment book he is never seen without *Binoculars or Spyglass *A number of differing 'card-keys' attached to a key ring.
Weaponry-Primary: Mercurius, a weighted Shortsword with a robust blade and no crossguard. -Secondary: Meliodere, a conical rapier with a solid point and a hollow exterior.
Special AbilitiesTied in to that little book he always carries, Norion has the ability to see beyond the veil of reality, and alter key facts about it.
Outstanding Features*Completely flawless face; no scarring whatsoever. *Heterochromic eyes *Hair is almost always upturned on the left side, downturned on the right.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalculating, devious, and surprisingly cordial. Possesses a strong conditioning to 'proper' behavior and etiquette, and also relishes the opportunities to break those rules in his more villainous endeavors.
LikesWhen an evil plan comes together; Tea, occasionally with spirits; Fine literature from around the world; Board Games.
DislikesLosing said board games; The French and the Germans, in the political sense; Inferior or retrodated technology
LocationHis attentions are presently turned towards London, England, capital of the Empire.
OccupationCommodore of the Imperial Navy, and Executor of His Majesty King George XVIII's Will abroad as Commander of the White Blade Squadron.