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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLyrikka
SpeciesThree-Headed Sea-Serpent
AgeDoesn't Know
HeightUsually about 7ft (can get bigger)
WeightUsually about 12ft long (can get larger)
SummaryA mostly sweet and cute three-headed sea serpentess, who's just trying to make it by.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue-Green Scales
Hair ColourHer head fins are Dark Green
Eye ColourGolden
ClothingNone. :P
Special AbilitiesCan breath underwater, as well as change her height
Outstanding FeaturesWell, besides the fact that she has three heads, she's also a quadraped, thus walking along on all fours. Not to mention she's quite cute.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWell there's 3 of them, so they each got a seperate personality. The 1st Head is a nerdy girl. Interested in science, computers, games, and electronics. As a result, she's a bit shy around strangers. The 2nd Head is what some would call a "brat," she's kind selfish and spoiled not to mention a bit self-centered. BUT there are times when even she can be kind. Tends to be a bit negative towards others. The 3rd Head is an unrepentant flirt and tease, though tends to be sabotaged by her "sisters."
BackgroundLike most sea serpents, her origin is quite unknown, even to her. Perhaps she was just born in the sea like all the other aquatic creatures. The only other thing really known about her is that she works as a "special effect" for various fantasy and giant monster movies. Need a giant sea serpent, hydra, or space monster? She's the girl you turn to.
LikesAs stated, the 1st Head loves computers, science, electronics, video games, books, etc. A real book-worm type. The 2nd Head loves attention, gifts, magazines, sappy drama movies, and getting her way. The 3rd Head... well... a majority of the things she likes can't quite be listed here. But besides those she likes fine alcoholic beverages, adult movies, caviar, chocolates, salad, and oysters.
Dislikes-1st Head- Dislikes Rude people, getting equations wrong, getting really far in a level on a game only to die, having her computer freeze up or crash, and having to consult gaming guides on the net. -2nd Head- Not getting any attention, boring people, doing BORING things (like going to stores Head #1 likes), Head #3's annoying habits and lusty ways, and having to do chores. -3rd Head- Having her efforts sabotaged by her "sisters," being rejected, badly aged wine, and not having control of their body.
LocationUsually someplace close to the harbor districts.
OccupationSea Serpent, and "Special Effect" creature for various movies.