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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSharin Davis McKenzie
Height5' 8" (172 cm)
Weight125 pounds (56.7 kg)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight skinned, a bit pale
Hair ColourLong black hair to her waist
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingSharin usually wears Highlanders' regalia as befitting her rank in McKenzie's Highlanders: a white button-down shirt with blousy sleeves that tie (not button) at the wrist, a green vest worn over this. A shoulder sash depends right to left in McKenzie tartan colors, carrying upon it her rank sigils and service decorations. A pair of tan breeches blouses into a pair of black mid-shin low-heeled boots, while over the breeches is a skirting also in McKenzie tartan.
WeaponryAt all times Sharin carries her sword of office at her side. Depending from a long slender braided cord in red from her left shoulder, it hangs conveniently at hip height.
The sword is a Gate-sword, its' blade crystalline, a translucent shifting opalescent color. Sharp enough that it can cut anything known EXCEPT its' specially-designed sheath, the blade is designed from the outset to damage and cut into the altered-space hulls of ships like the Gossamyre Angel.
On top of this, the blade is a miniature Gate. When activated, this Gate has NO terminus point, acting almost like a black hole in microcosm. Should this active Gate-sword ever be thrust into the opening of another active Gate, the result is catastrophic and instantaneous: destructive forces are unleashed that are the equivalent of a 500 megaton nuclear device ground-detonated. The Gate and the Gate-sword (including the wielder) are essentially destroyed utterly.
The weapon itself bears a curved blade that is rather katana-like, though crystalline, while the quillons are of the crossguard style more common to European swords prior to the use of a basket hilt. The handle, though, is wrapped like that of a Katana, red-dyed sharkskin leather in crossed wraps. Behind this the pommel is a ball-shaped pommel with flattened sides bearing the Highlanders crest of three mountains in a crosshair, and depending from this is a Chinese-style tassel.
Special AbilitiesSharin is a minor telepath and empath, and possesses a danger sense. Aside from this, she can, though at great personal strain, form a short-term telekinetic shield. Without the amplifying effect of her Gate-sword, this shield can stop a normal hand-to-hand attack no stronger than that of a strong human, and even then for only moments. Amplified by her Gate-sword, the shield can deflect artillery-class weapons, the effect being powered by the sword itself.
Outstanding FeaturesHuman.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAn odd mix between crisp and military, sometimes casual, and sometimes utterly depressed.
BackgroundIn her own words:
“I called the League my home and the Highlanders my aspiration. I longed to be a part of what had in the League become the elite military fighting force, greater still than even the League Defense Force. My family was well off but not rich, employed, as many were, in the defense of the League. My older brother, my only other sibling, longed for a much different life, that of a Free Space Trader, plying the secure starlanes between the League and the Alliance. In him burned the blood of my family’s Trading Family heritage, and like a gypsy, he could not call one place his home for very long. Before I made it into the Academy at Kim’ra I saw him realize his goal.”

“I entered into the Academy with but one goal: to become the best fighter pilot in the League, and afterward in McKenzie’s Highlanders. With the naivete of a child I thought the requirements easier than they were. I persevered, however, and made pilot with top honors. I also made the Highlanders the first time out. My score had gotten me a position onboard the Angel of Light, a Starlight-class command cruiser. One of the initial twelve, it was a position that made me the envy of the graduating cadets, I found (to my uniform’s distinct detriment).”

“Thus followed thirty years as a pilot. I attracted to myself attention I didn’t know about, and was foolish enough not to care about. In rising through the ranks to that of squadron commander, I garnered the notice of the Powers within the League. I couldn’t understand why the toughest assignments were handed my squadron, except for the thought that we were the best of the best. Of course, I also didn’t know that I was being targeted for command training. In my thirty-first year as a pilot, I was called back to Kim’ra for ‘advanced command training’, also called Captain’s Candidacy Training. So, I went. I couldn’t have known that my reputation for getting things done even there had gotten me the notice of Captain Lindsay’s friend, Captain McTavish, at the time Hsieh’s captain. She asked me to come aboard as her Ahn Tyel Ri for my post-graduation shakedown. That was where I stayed for ten more years. I also brought my squadron along, as they wanted to stay with me and I wanted them along. Elle McTavish granted me that, and I flew as frequently as duty allowed. Another thing I didn’t know was that I was being intended as Elle’s eventual replacement.

“Ten years after I came aboard, I caught wind that Elle was going to retire. Needless to say, I asked her why. She had been in the war for close to three millennia, and wanted a rest. I don’t blame her. So, I asked her who her replacement was going to be, and if I knew him or her. Sometimes I can be so damn naďve. Needless to say, she told me that I did know her replacement, and that’s when Hsieh told me that I was going to be it. When I asked when, that’s when Elle handed me her sword and told me ‘Now’. If you saw how much I cried. I never wanted it from her like that, although I did want it. But I couldn’t decline, you see. Hsieh had already picked me and completely agreed, and Elle wanted out badly. I could see it in her face. The moment the sword was placed in my hands, Hsieh forged the psychic link that marks a captaincy in the League.”

“When we got back to port, the transfer was officially confirmed, and I was the Captain of the Gossamyre Angel, ninth off the rails of the Starlight-class Command Cruisers. Hsieh was now my companion and friend, not that he’d ever been less, but with the command link there, there was much more. Lady McTavish finally took promotion to the position of Si'Ahn Commander of Kim'ras sector, a position in which she would remain for the rest of her natural life. Then came the two years of learning the terrible secrets I carry with me. Two years as I discovered what the League guarded, in addition to the Alliance. Two years in which I was torn apart, at first not understanding why, with these secrets, we didn’t reach out and utterly stop the Marauder. Then, I learned why, and what the consequences could be if we did, and for the third time in my long life I wept out of despair and sorrow, and knew I could never tell anyone in the League nor the Alliance what I knew.”

“For the next eternity I served as Captain of the Gossamyre Angel. It took me thirty years of that eternity to break me of my ‘fighter habit’, the wish that I could get into a cockpit and fly CSP with the rest of the squadrons. Finally, I settled down into my roll as Captain. It was there that I served through the final war, the action that, I learned, eventually came to be known in the League and the Alliance as the Majestic Stand. It was in that hell, ships distorting time around them both as cloak, tactical advantage, and weapon, that I lost all taste for war. Watching as, for almost five thousand years, my crew one by one died or faded away into that final step my people, with their link to the Gates and eons of evolution, could take. Finally, I and two others were the last. We fired the final salvos, the last of the combination of energies which would guarantee the utter destruction of the Marauder’s star systems and, in the end, them. My friends turned to me and saluted, then they, too, faded into oblivion. And for the fourth time in my career I wept, despair and loss for the passing of my crew, joy for the final shots of the war, and pain for the hundreds of dead worlds I had seen, either those wiped of all life by the Marauders or wiped of all life by the League in its’ defense.”

“I had nothing left within me to give, nothing at all. So I too finally turned and said my farewells to Hsieh, walked quietly into the Gate-room, and passed beyond. My story ended there, or so I thought. Somehow, in some eternity, I heard Hsieh crying for me, begging and weeping, and I thought that I could not stay where I was if I had left a friend behind. And so I came to his call, from wherever it was that I had gone. I don’t know how, nor where, nor what allowed it. These things are for another to guess, not me. He called me back, and I came. It took me another eternity, but I couldn’t allow him to go on crying like that. Finally, I was back, resting in his arms, walking his decks again, alone but for him. So, out of loneliness, I slept. I rested until such time as I would be needed to be his Captain again.”
LocationWherever her starship, the Gossamyre Angel, chooses to make port.
OccupationCaptain of the Starlight-class Command Cruiser Gossamyre Angel, ninth of her class off the rails at Kim'ras Drive Yards.