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A quick chibi version of Juska!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJuska Mikkola
SpeciesDouble Striped Skunkette
Height5' 6"
Weight145 lbs.
SummaryJuska (pronounced you-ska), is a black and white skunkette. She's a bit shy at first, but if you get to know her there's fun to be had :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFlat black with a white double stripe.
Hair ColourDark red
Eye ColourLight blue, darkens when under stress.
ClothingOn casual days, a band teeshirt and cyber pants will suffice for her. But for special occasions and on request, she'll wear more fun things like Gothic Lolita outfits and Victorian style dresses :)
AccessoriesJuska has an ankh necklace, a black collar, and a few black bracelets on each wrist.
WeaponryAmongst an array of weaponry she's collected, Juska typically wields either a halberd or flail depending on range of combat. She also keeps a concealed short blade for close combat.
Outstanding FeaturesHas one grandfather who was a silver fox and the other who is a wolf. She inherited a fox-like face and wolf's ears from them, and seems out of the ordinary when compared to other skunks. She almost always has her ears layed back and rarely perks them up.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery bold and fun-loving if in a familiar environment. When alone she's a bit awkward but warms quickly to anyone willing to talk. Juska is very creative and she loves to make people laugh.
BackgroundGrew up in a very rural Finnish community, far away from cities and large populations. Learned weapon disciplines at a young age, and is largely self-taught in language and arts. Juska lived in Finland until her father's job had them move to the northeastern United States when she was ten. She now lives by herself and keeps in touch with her parents.
LikesReading and writing short stories, online and catalog shopping, playing video games, finding new music and bands, taking pictures and videos with friends, making music videos, and watching black and white thriller and horror movies
DislikesBeing taken out for dinner (why not just stay in and cook something?), stomach aches, music on the radio, little kids (devilish little creatures!), clothes that are too baggy and weigh you down, not being able to bathe, and when in-game items aren't in an even number.
LocationLives right outside of a Pennsylvania college town in a farmhouse. She has plans of moving someday, perhaps back to Finland or to Canada.
OccupationFull-time Fantasy and Romance novelist. Also does some photography and editing for small magazines and newsletters.

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