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The first official sketch of dragon!Fayth, drawn by Reynard86 over at FAP.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFayth Maeve McManus
SpeciesHuman / White Asian Dragon (Moon/Water Oriented)
AgeUnknown. Appears mid/late twenties. Born July 18th
Weight175lbs (Human) / 230 lbs (Dragon)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour+Human: Fayth has a tanned, reddish skintone, mostly due to the large amount of freckles across her cheeks, back/shoulders, hips and chest. +Dragon: Overall, Fayth has a light blue/white color, though the underbelly-reigon from the chin to tailtip is larger blue scales. Her muzzle is also a normal blue.
Hair Colour+Human and Dragon: Fayth's main and natural haircolor is red, but she typically streaks or tips it black. She'll have it in a number of styles: If she wears a hat, it's usually in a single braid or loose. If it's a bandanna, she has it loose sometimes, but normally in many, many small braids all over. When not covered, it's either in pigtails or a single ponytail, but sometimes she'll still braid it just for the heck of it.
Eye Colour+Human and Dragon: In both forms, Fayth's natural eyecolor is bright green. Though, in her human form especially, when she is channeling her energy or intensly angry, they have been known to turn red.
Outstanding Features+Human and Dragon: Both of her forms share a common trait: a marking across the back in black, looking to be a tattoo of black feathery wings. They also share the same scars, like a thin line at the bottom of the right side of her jaw, a small scar hidden amongst her freckles beneath her left eye, her several small scars upon her right hand and wrist from fencing training, a burn scar on her left hand from wielding her flintlock in too-close combat, several large scars across her mid and lower back, a gunshot scar on her mid-right thigh and a large gash on the back of her left calf. The scars are just very faint in her dragon form. +Human: In her human form, Fayth has the ability to sprout a medium-sized pair of black feathery wings. +Dragon: Being an asian dragon, she has no natural wings in that form, however she does have a large set of antlers, a pair of lamb-like ears, and sometimes dragon whiskers.

Personality & Background

BackgroundFayth McManus's life started in the year 1559, as the illegitimate half Irish daughter of Sir Francis Drake. She did not know her father until the age of 15 (1574), upon her mother, Moarg McManus's death, after which her father then felt somewhat obligated to take her, and guilty for not seeking her out before this. The girl, hiding her belief in Catholicism, became a crewman aboard the Golden Hinde, more specifically a painter and cartographer employed by her father, whom she grew closer to as time progressed. At the age of 30 (1589), she began to captian her own ship, setting off for missions in the name of the Queen, assisting Sir Francis Drake on occasion. In 1594, she left her station in Asian waters to aide Drake in his latest conquest, but when passing into the waters about the Americas, her vessle was waylaid by the Spanish, and Captian Fayth McManus was thrown overboard, never to be found. Drake himself died the following year. Truth is, Fayth was found, but nowhere near where she was left. In fact, she was found in the middle of Munich, Germany, not in the year 1594, but on July 18th, 1918. She had to adapt, and fast, all the while finding out what had happened to her. Eventually, upon completing a set of tasks, a certian woman by the name of Kassandra unlocked all of Fayth's powers, including the hidden fact that she was, deep down, a dragon. Just as it was rumored that her father had been. And thus Fayth was released from that world, free to travel the dimensions as she wished. Having only what she could carry (of course, a bag of holding does much good), the woman set out into the cosmos, not even age limiting her.