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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShimizu Taiki
SpeciesWinged dragonboy (non-anthro)
AgeSomewhere between 9 and 12 in appearance.
HeightRoughly four to four-and-a-half feet tall.
WeightOne hundred and forty-two pounds, give or take the wings and tail add a bit of weight.
SummaryKizul Emeraldfire's alternate form; is basically a human boy in appearance, unless you count the draconic wings, tail, horns and ear-fin-things. :)

Any additional details can be requested via PM, e-mail, IM, etc. ^_^

As this is Kizul's alternate form, there are several references to his MAIN form, which can be found here. :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRegular flesh-tone very lightly tanned. Has lightly-scaled patches around his shoulders, hips, forearms and shins.

The scales are black with medium yellowy-green edges. Streaks of gold can be seen across the patches of scales.

The scales on the underside of his tail are all a sparkly salmon-pink.

The scales on the insides of his wings are a bright, almost neon green, and they give off small sparkly, rainbowy glimmers in bright light.

His tail is about three-and-a-half feet long, almost four if you count the middle of the three silvery plates on the tip of it.

Shimizu's wingspan is about eight to ten feet, but he can hunch his wings together to fit under loose-fitting clothes like trench coats. Though it's rather uncomfortable, so he doesn't do that often.

He can also wrap his wings around himself sort of like a cloak.

Hair ColourHis loose, often-tousled and almost shoulder-length hair is a light silvery color.

Also has bangs that he keeps having to brush out of his eyes occasionally.

The back of his hair mimics the silver plates on the back of Kizul's head and neck.

He also has a seven-inch-long pointed horn on each side of his head that curls around it slightly before curving upward a little, both of them a lightish silver gray like his hair.

Eye ColourRed, although unlike his pint-sized counterform, only the irises are of a scarlet hue. Other than that, his eyes are human in appearance.

ClothingMost of the time, he wears none. When he's bugged to, though, he'll put on a loincloth if necessary. :p


WeaponryNot counting his dark-gray claw-like finger- (and toe-)nails, he has none but his flame breath.

How he can do flame breath in an almost-fully-human form, I haven't entirely figured out yet, though. ^^;

Special AbilitiesCan breathe fire.

Unlike his smaller form, he lacks gills, and can't breathe underwater. Oh well. (_O)/

Outstanding FeaturesHas a much-longer-than-usual tongue at about four-and-a-half to five inches (11.5cm to 12.75cm) in length. Is not forked, but he occasionally uses it in a similar fashion to a Yoshi's tongue.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery optimistic, and almost constantly happy. He listens well, but can sometimes be rather obnoxious and impatient.

Is more mellow than constantly-happy in this form, though.

BackgroundThis form came about from my secondary IRC nickname, and from me getting tired of pinging out on a server only to reconnect and find out that 'Kizul' (my main nick) was already taken by the ghost I'd left behind.

I ended up developing my secondary nick into a secondary form for Kizul, so Shimizu's still pretty much Kizul just with a different appearance. :)

(I know, I know, this is supposed to be background on the character but I don't have one made yet, so you'll have to deal with this. ^^')

LikesSome likes include: shiny things, sweets, flying, and long-ish walks on the beach.

Also likes being petted, snuggled, hugged, and greatly enjoys hugging others. ^^

Dislikes[Censored - gratuitous violent description]
LocationHis own personal flying island at least, most of the time. :3

Additional InfoFor additional information regarding things like kinks, specific anatomical descriptions not listed, and other things inquire via e-mail, IM or PM. ^_^

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