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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSlyVixsky
SpeciesVixsky (Fox-Husky Mutt)
Height5 foot 7 inches
Weightabout 150
Summaryslight build, but not overly athletic, 4 nice firm D cups, very bushy 30 inch husky tail, but a more fox-ish muzzle with mixed species body/head proportions, but not gawky in appearance at all, rather more of a light muscle build

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdeep russet fur over much of body, deep tan on chest/muzzle/inside of hind legs, lighter tan on ear tips and paws
Hair Colourmatches the deep russet of her body, runs a little past shoulder length, usually brushed down the back of her head, the tips a slightly lighter color.
Eye Colourclear, deep crystal blue, ofter the first thing others notice.
Clothingat work: military issue BDU uniform, with all the patches and whatnot, steel toe boots, and if working often had a toolbox within reach Civilian attire: usually tan cargo shorts or pants, often with half her gadgets loaded in them, simple solid color t-shirt, usually darker in color, though sometimes wears a bright polo shirt for a change of pace. Generic running shoes, tied overly tight, but just short of cutting off ehr circulation when shes biking or "working out" as it were
Accessoriesusually none, but may wear a pendant, or has a set of "dog tags" sometimes worn when not in her military uniform. If on webcam, or on an evening walk, may have her plushie dog on one shoulder for talking to/cuteness factor.
Weaponryfuture tech era, general assault/combat to include manned arms and vehicles. (specifically favors the portable gauss rifle or plasma hand pistol, and vehicle of choice varies between the GHOST from HALO2, and vechiles of her own design.
Special Abilitiesexcellent at climbing, esp trees and vines, never making a wrong step in such situations, good marksman, averaging 47 of 50 targets dead on accuracy, other abilities avalible on request.
Outstanding Featuresvery intelligent, though its not noticed without speaking to her, but can become very apparent depending on the subject of conversation, also very good at covering up her emotions, but certain natural joys (ie: climbing trees off duty, snuggling with a soft plushie at night) will always bring a smile to her muzzle.

Personality & Background

Personalityplayful and generally fun to be around. occasional emotional night, but such is life. sometimes withdrawn but cheerful when others are down, and seeks to help them feel better. IRL ish rather shy in the public setting, tending to keep to self alot, prefering one on one conversations
Backgroundto be continued, as I'm currently writing several pages of descriptions for such. MSN me for samples.
LikesPEANUT BUTTER! and anything related, nice plushie blankets/animals, caffeine, and sugar are nice. Also likes hobbiest electronics, odd inventions, usb gadgets, computers and accessories, most writing.
Dislikessleep. and history classes.
LocationOklahoma, USA (on the military base south east of the city, duh)
Occupationmilitary fur, specifically for the E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (aka. AWACS) Ground maintence so i don't fly :( just drag tools out and fix the jet
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I jammed the whatsit into the whackdoodle, but i think i broke the thingamajig." --MTG, Goblin Engineers--

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