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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePleasure (AKA: The SabreFang)
SpeciesMix Of All Felines And Wolves (Mainly Feline {As Pleasure} / Mainly Wolf {As SabreFang}
AgeCub {As Pleasure} / Adult {As SabreFang}
Weight120 Lbs As Pleasure} / 452 Lbs {As SabreFang}

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAll Colors/Textures/Shades/Tones (Dk and Lt) {Only Highlights} {As Pleasure}. All Blacks, Golds and Reds (Dk and Lt) {As SabreFang}
Hair ColourCannot Change Into Human-Form.
Eye ColourGoldish-Green W/ A Hint Of Sky-Blue
ClothingFine Silks and Polyesters. {As Pleasure} LoinCloth Only {As SabreFang}
AccessoriesGold Looped Earring (Right Top Ear), Gold Bracelets and Anklets, Gold w/ a Diamond, Ruby and Emerald Collar. {As Pleasure}. Ruby Looped Earring (Right Top Ear), Ruby Bracelets and Anklets, Black Leather w/ a Diamond, Ruby and Emerald Spiked Collar. {As SabreFang}
WeaponryNone (Except His Charm. {As Pleasure} 2 Katannas On Back, 1 Sabre On Left Hip Plus Claws And Fangs. {As SabreFang}
Special AbilitiesSeduction {As Pleasure} Super Strength, Night-Sight and Super Senses. {As SabreFang} (Also An Evolution-Type) {Note: Thats How He Changes Between Pleasure and SabreFang}
Outstanding FeaturesThe Perfect Figure. {As Pleasure} A Bulky Figure. {As SabreFang}

Personality & Background

PersonalityKnown To Be Kind and Sexy {As Pleasure}. Known To Be Tough and Powerful {As SabreFang}
BackgroundHe Was Born Named "Pleasure" In The Temple Of The Ancients, Because Of His Beauty. He Had A Good Youth In till Captured By A Human. This Human Was A Cruel Man and Beat Him Till Close To Death. That Is When The One Called "SabreFang" emerged, A Warrior. He Escaped From His Cage and Disappeared Into The World.
LikesYiffing and Seduction {As Pleasure}. Hunting and Tracking {As SabreFang}
DislikesNegative Forces. {As Pleasure} People Who Harms Others. {As SabreFang}
OccupationYiffer {As Pleasure} Hunter/Tracker/Warrior {As SabreFang}
Additional InfoHe Is Blind In His Right Eye And Has A Deep Scar Over It.

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