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Big thanks to Wyldsyde for this picture !

Vital Statistics!

Character Namekit
Height6.2ft at his normal size
Weight95kg at his normal size

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange!
Hair Colourumm orange fur with black tips on the ears :)
Eye Colourblack
ClothingUsually blue shorts but when hes macro they dont really last long on him before tearing to shreds due to his size
Weaponryhe needs no Weaponry!
Outstanding FeaturesHes a well built Fox, not super musular though and his fur is all scruffy. The tips of his ears are always ruffled

Personality & Background

PersonalityKit is a gentle fur generally who likes to have fun with other macros and small furs alike, he doesnt hurt much as he knows he can take it to far. Hes dosent like people who bully or take the piss out of others and always steps in to put a stop to it. Hes cool with anything from macro to paws to more mature themed activities, >^.^<
BackgroundEver heard the phrase 'Be careful what you wish for?' ..no? what are you a hermit?! Well i wasnt always like this, i used to love spending the wee hours of the day drinking and playing on games with friends until though situations beyond my control, i was granted 3 wishes and my 1st was well.. to be TALL ! although i was not expecting something like this! Why dont i use my other wishes to go back small i hear u say ? WOULD YOU DO THAT IF YOU WERE HAVEING THIS MUCH FUN ? >^.^<
LikesPizza !, makeing Freinds, chatting, gym, growth, playing computor games, the odd drink, relaxing
DislikesArgumentative people (im always right!) joke! People who bully others ! (get da stomp) Cider, (brings back bad memorys lol ) people who to full of **** they got brown eyes
LocationA magical land of fairys & dragons......also called Wales
OccupationAlcoholic fitness fanatic
Additional Info**Kits background story is going by a comic called 'Hocus Pocus' so i dont wanna explain everything incase it gives away what little plot my comic has lol

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIf at first you dont succeed, then sky diveing isent for you

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