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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVeratis
SpeciesFox/Wolf Hybrid

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVeratis is covered in a light blue fur while his belly hair is a lighter version of the blue covering him.
Hair ColourHoney Comb blonde, from afar it looks somewhat dark brown but up close tinges of blonde can be seen.
Eye ColourNever forget me blue
ClothingA white single breasted trench coat jacket thats ussually done up with another white long sleeve shirt underneath. As for pants he has new age goth jeans with several clips, but instead of the old fashioned black colour, it's white.
AccessoriesAround his neck he has a large white wood beaded rosary that ends in a large silver Celtic cross, and a much smaller rosary wrapped around his right wrist. He has a chain running from his trench coat belt down to a pocket that contains a small flask of holy water. Tends to carry around a book that contains his writings and also sometimes has a Thurible (Inscent burner)
WeaponryHas a spiritual glaive, a weapon that is used to war against evil spirits on the ethereal plains. In the physical world, he carry's no weapon except knowledge.
Special AbilitiesSpiritual and wise, Veratis has a soothing voice and seeks to make others feel good.
Outstanding FeaturesAn aura sorrounds Veratis that only others spiritually tuned can see.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVeratis himself is easy going, helpful and likes a good laugh. He is spiritual and religious among others things, but not the type of catholic that is portrayed in so many movies. He tends to listen more than talk and will not hesitate to help someone. He loves to draw write and listen to music and is always seeking something new. Is somewhat of an 'exorcist', fighting against any evil spirits, demons, fallen angelae. Also under the calm exterior things stirr within his mind that makes every day a constant struggle for sanity.
BackgroundGenerally keeps his background life private.
LikesInspiring other and being inspired himself. Chocolate. Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa). Conversations. Poetry, Writing and Drawing. Laughing. Being spontaneous. Fire.
DislikesHate. High pitched noises. Darkness. Letting others down. Capsicum.
LocationEarth... Well his body is, his minds is mostly in the clouds.
OccupationFree Sprit, Student, Exorcist.
Additional InfoBE RANDOM!! Life is ment to be unexpected.