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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArilin
SpeciesRha (cat)
Weight165 tons, give or take

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure white
Hair ColourAlso pure white, shoulder length
Eye ColourDeep blue
ClothingShe has several outfits. The peasant blouse is pictured, which she likes a lot despite the slightly archaic look. She's also seen commonly in a halter and shorts, and just jeans and a T-shirt. Arilin also owns a Victorian-style hoop dress, which she doesn't wear often because swinging her hips can make the hoop demolish buildings. (Of course, the fun of it is that, well, swinging her hips can make the hoop demolish buildings...)
AccessoriesShe's almost always wearing a golden chain necklace. Sometimes she has anklets or bracelets, too.
WeaponryWe covered the "80 feet tall" part, right?
Outstanding FeaturesWe covered the "80 feet tall" part, right?

Personality & Background

PersonalityAs Arilin's background tells you, she was rather sociopathic and dangerous to be around for littles years ago, but she's much better now -- she's social and some would say even fairly elegant. That doesn't mean she doesn't still have the capacity to be dangerous, of course, and she can be quite the tease at times. Just because you're ankle-high to her doesn't mean she's going to hurt you, but it might well mean she's going to make you sweat.
BackgroundArilin came from a world where the Rhas (her people) were normal size, and there was a race of Liliren, mice, who were a few inches high (or perhaps, *our* normal size). The Rha consider the Liliren sort of like intelligent animals--not really people, but going around stomping and eating them would be considered sociopathic (just like cruelty to animals). Arilin was, well, sociopathic. Through an unexpected and somewhat tragic turn of events, she ended up stranded on the world of FurryMUCK, built to the scale of the Liliren. While she could have ended up quite the monster, some of the "dolls" befriended her and helped her get settled. This proved enough of a shock to push her on the straight path. In the years since, she's opened the Giants' Club on Furry, a place where giants and littles can meet on moderately safe ground. (Not that some giants who go there can't be pretty dangerous, but most of the time, guests survive unscathed!)
LocationFurryMUCK, behind Larson Airfield
OccupationArilin is the hostess of the Giants' Club on FurryMUCK. As this really isn't a paying position, she's taken a job recently as an English composition teacher at BigFurs Community College.

Just for Fun