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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAbby Wolfox
Height5' 11"
SummaryAbs here, I like to be called Abs...easier to yell, ya know. Anyways, I'm just a mellow wolfox, ya know, chillin' mostly, hangin' with friends and whatnot, but I'm not about to rule out meetin' new folks, ya know.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRaggity Grey Bodyfur with a slight blue sheen with a white underbelly with a sort of light sky color tint.
Hair ColourStrong Dyed Purple mohawk, broken in many parts in a messy series of spikes that bobble loosely between his thin twisted ears.
Eye ColourSapphire blue, though surprisingly bright for having such a placid expression.
ClothingGrey and Black Stripped Hoodie with a bend up Hood and Rusty buttons on the hood. Also wears baggy black jeans and rarely wears shoes.
AccessoriesKeys and a Wallet, sometimes wears headphones.
WeaponryUzi SMG, extended mag. Rossi SS Lifewar .357 Mag revolver. Anything else around him, such as pipes, poles, knives, etc.
Special AbilitiesAs the ability to will himself to a greater mass in body fat to nearly limitless capabilities. Also has a manual trigger by yanking his tail. Sometimes converts into a 3ft tall, dwarfed version of himself.
Outstanding FeaturesWalks in a very awkward "lopping" motion, and somewhat large footpaws for his body size.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery laid back, having a tendency to lean on objects and people without much awareness of where he's resting. Talks with a faint British accent and seems as it he's half asleep most of the time.
BackgroundGrew up in the Northwest and eventually moved into his own place, making a living as a shop clerk selling pawned items. He went to school for a short time to become a Graphic Designer but lacked the funding and returned to his Pawn Shop job.
LikesHe generally likes sewing and creating his own clothing, going out to the range to shoot off a few rounds, and secretly has a thing for footpaws, the fatter the better.
DislikesNot coming up with enough for rent, Running late, Running out of an ingredient for his meals or thread for his sewing hobby.
LocationLives in a quiet neighborhood near an airport in the pleasent Northwest.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Lead, Follow or get the hell outta my way!" -J. Griffin

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