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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJean
SpeciesGrey Wolf
Height106 (can change size)
WeightI break the scales

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourI have a light/ medium grey tone, and a very light grey under belly.
Hair ColourI have a dark grey color tone, also is spiked...very spiked....
Eye ColourMy left eye is a mixture of lime green and dull green, my right is a dull purple.
ClothingDon't wear clothes.....hard to find just the right sizes....
AccessoriesI have two blue ear piercings on my left ear, and recently acquired two pyramid stud braclets. A choker for changing genders and a ring for growth/ shrink support, they were gifts from friends.
WeaponryMy teeth and claws, plus my size (106ft)
Outstanding FeaturesI have three tribal/ scar marks near the bridge of muzzle/ slightly under my eyes. I have a tattoo that has the letters "MV" on it, has great importance to me.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm a gentle, fun lovin' wolf, that's very caring and always tries to put a smile on people/furs faces. I can be a bit weird at times and very competitive. I'm an avid music fan and sometimes can be caught wearing my headphones, but that's on a rare occasion. I can be compassonate at times, or goofy, but I like to play it cool and just relax and lay back.
BackgroundWas raised in the wild, where I grew and lived alone for several years before coming out and seeing the world. Never met my guardians, but all I know is that I started off small and just grew from there. At one time I did have a small companion, twas a girl, a small child I liked to call her my sister, and she called me her family since the day I found her she had be alone and abandoned. But sadly she passed away, and I was again alone in the world to roam and wander about...
LikesA good ol' run through the country side. I like to gaze at the sky and watch the clouds go by, or when it's a thunder and lightning storm, I like the sight of that! I like to help people/ furs anyway I can, I also like eating cars and trucks.....sounds weird but I'm a unique wolf *grins*...I like quietness at times, but love my music, my art, my friends. I like to have a good time as much as possible. I like me! =^o^=
DislikesRap, ranting (to a certain extent), church (to a certain extent), Country music, annoyance, people that try to make me look dumb or neglect me, losing my sketchpad, X-box (sorry X-box fans, I blame the controllers), ringtones....

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Party hard, die young, leave a beautiful corpse"

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