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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDrake Llandon

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDrake has black scales on most of his body. From under his chin down the front of his neck, his chest belly, crotch, and all the way down the underside of his tail is a Dark Red. The Membrane of his wings is the same color of his underbelly. The Spines on his back are also this color. His horns on his head, along with the spikes on his wings, claws are an Ivory Color.
Hair Colour...well I"M BALD! until someone Draws Drake with hair >.=.>
Eye ColourWas Blue but his eyes are now Green
ClothingDrake wears a purple muscle shirt with black goth pants. Sometimes wears sunglassess
AccessoriesHis Trusty Mp3 Player and a Ear Ring on his Right Ear
WeaponryDrake has an assortment of weapons. He has a pistol that he wears on his belt other times he uses Dual Pistols which are hostered under his arm pits. Recently he as aquired a Magical SpellBook with an assortment of spells and enchanations. Rarely uses his Dual Katanas but they are part of his Growing Aresnal
Outstanding FeaturesHas 2 wirelike tattoos on both his uppper arms

Personality & Background

Personality***changeable, in the middle, suspicious, somewhat traditional, dislikes chaos, down to earth, group oriented, practical...***
LikesChinese Food, Porguese Sweet Bread, any kind of sweets except things with cherry or banana. Likes Funny People, people who make him feel good. Trustworty people. Likes Rock/pop music and Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube. AND ANIME!!
DislikesAnything with fish sauce. Hotsauce blech!!. Most Fish and plain milk. I desipes people who make fun of others. Tratiors and Backstabbers. I don't like plain rap or Country. I dislike Metaroid...because I I don't like single shooters. And some reality TV shows I just dont like
LocationTiverton, Rhode Island, United States
OccupationJOBLESS!!..*whimpers* Booo Hoo

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"To send untrained men into battle is to throw them away" "All the world is a stage, men and woman merely players. They have their entrances and exits. And one man in his time plays many parts"

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