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Watching the World

Vital Statistics!

Character NameHawkie
SpeciesRed-tailed hawk
Height65 cm/26 inches
Weight1.6kg/3.5 pounds
SummaryThe sky is my home, and I'll fly wherever the wind blows - perhaps even coming and going at random. Who knows.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFeather-covered, this bird's plumage consists of shades of brown. Her underside is light brown, and there's a dark brown band that runs across her belly. This is formed by vertical streaks in the feather patterning. She's dark brown on the back, and the tail, which gives her species her name, is brick-red on the upside and pink below.
Eye ColourDark brown
AccessoriesShe will sometimes carry a thin gold chain with two feathers attached to it.
WeaponryBeak, talons and wings. She's fortunate enough to be equipped with a set of potentially deadly weapons at birth.
Special AbilitiesSize-shifting and well-developed sense of touch. Her size-shifts can go both ways, and reaches a limit at 65ft at her tallest and 1ft at her tiniest. The well-developed sense of touch is there to compensate for her bad vision.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThis bird has a rather fiery personality. She can be either comforting or harmful depending on the circumstances. But despite her tendency to rapidly shift between moods, she is usually described as kind, caring and silly, and tends to be very lively. When something bothers her, she usually falls silent. But beware - although she's difficult to anger and upset, she's got one heck of a temper, and when you first have her at your tail, you're in for it.
BackgroundShe's hatched in a southern country, where she stayed with her mother for a year, before migrating up north, settling down with an entirely different family. She's since adapted to life near the coast, and has lived a fairly decent life, although she's outside ordinary red-tailed hawk territory.
LikesAll things feathered, shiny items, her friends, music from most genres, languages, art, song and writing.
DislikesBeing interrupted while concentrating, unexpected loud noises, people who complain needlessly and don't attempt to do something to improve their situation, conflicts of all kinds.
LocationSomewhere up north - In the safe end of the world.
Additional InfoShe's a bit of a disgrace to the bird of prey population as a whole. For once, she's not "graceful", "awe-inspiring" or "amazing". She's a rather ordinary bird who gets into small accidents all too often. She'll often fly into things as a result of lower-than-average vision, and she has her fair share of other imperfections and flaws.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“Innocent as a dove you will harm no one, but wise as a serpent no one will harm you.”

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