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Eeee. Got this newer pic from an adorable pet of mine. <3 soooooo strong~

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGoddess Violet
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Dragoness
Height(Minimum) 35 ft
Weight(Minimum) 32.3 tons
SummaryA pretty dragoness with no levels of shyness or inhibition. Buyer beware... ;)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer scales are a deep black that constantly shimmer, even in total darkness. They have a sort of mystical quality about them, always staying in pristine condition.
Hair ColourViolet. (Duh.) Her hair itself is quite long, and she keeps it untied so it can flow behind her elegantly. No matter how little attention she pays to it, her hair stays smooth, shiny, and undamaged.
Eye ColourTake a wild guess. D: Her bright violet eyes are almost hypnotic, acting as sort of a lure to get people to look past her immense height.
ClothingViolet doesn't like clothes, solely because she'd rather show off her body than any wardrobe. She WILL glamour into something that covers her privates, but only upon request. (Or for a G audience. xD)
AccessoriesA violet spiked choker that grows and shrinks with her. It covers most of her neck, but I'm sure she'd slide it off if you asked nicely. ;)
WeaponryHer sheer size and muscle.
Special AbilitiesIn addition to possessing several types of psychic power and the ability to grow or shrink mostly at will, she can absorb any ability used on her. She can also shift into any being who's DNA she has acquired, but her method of acquiring is a bit... unorthodox. (PM for details!)
Outstanding FeaturesHer intensely sensual body?

Personality & Background

PersonalityHyper, giggly, authoritative, dark, dominant, and mischievous.
LikesGrowth, strength training, showing off, breaking things, fixing things (sometimes), cuddling people, being worshiped, small furs under her feet, smaller furs in her mouth, unbirthing (!).
DislikesHaving to follow the rules.
LocationViolet may not be an actual goddess per se, but she definitely proclaims herself to be as such and most people with a head on their shoulders won't argue otherwise. Really, those people don't have much of a leg to stand on, considering they don't even come up to her legs! The towering giantess, Violet, is one to stomp first and ask questions later when she believes someone might be a threat to her perceived godhood. Of course, the fact that she'd actually taken down a god once before couldn't possibly harm that reputation very much....

Part of the reason she is so mighty is in her lineage. In addition to being born a dragoness, and a rather large one, too... she is also part demoness. Both lines were of royalty, and twice christened Princess Violet was born... and immediately the balance of power shifted. Her ravenous belly nearly drove the underworld into famine, and as she aged, her cruel lusts would ravage the land, crippling even the most powerful warriors. Towering at her mature height of seventeen feet at only age sixteen, it was common to find classmates at the demonic academy crushed under her feet, whole chests caved in from the impact. To call the bones simply "smashed" would not do the damage any justice. She also had a tendency to work out quite a lot, her muscles often bulging out ridiculously--even by demonic standards--and it took a charm to keep them less visible. She was able to easily lift more than twelve thousand pounds.

Along with her immense size and strength came another deadly weapon: her smell. Violet tended not to bathe very often, if at all, and would only remove unhealthy germs via magic (or occasionally fire.) This resulted in a visible aura of stink around her, somewhat of a combination of BO, sulfur, ammonia, the city dump, and the musk of a skunk, all turned Up To Eleven. While one of her abilities is to breath out a luxurious array of pheromones, her natural breath is even more foul than her natural body odor--unless, of course, you measure at one of the hot spots; butt, crotch, and feet. And she has quite the feet, too--large for even her height, one foot is about a meter in length!

If somehow her sheer strength or putrid stench isn't enough to shut down an enemy, she has a wide variety of other abilities. Her roar can bring planes out of the sky and shatter steel from sheer loudness. Her tail can squeeze around most metals hard enough to liquefy them. It is rumored that long ago, one of her ancestors was to blame for the magnetic reversal of the earth's poles. Basically, she belongs on DBZ, and nowhere else. If she ends up in your backyard, you be fucked.

Because being so large, her body requires a lot more food than normal sized creatures. Demons and dragons both have a large caloric requirement... And someone of her strength makes that even higher. In short, she's always hungry, always starving, always needing more food. Will you be her next meal? Perhaps. Will you be her last? Not a chance in Hell...
Additional InfoShe's not necessarily evil, but does LOVE to have fun. And growing. :D

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHoly hiragana!

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