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Vital Statistics!

Character NameValeriya Kasumi
SpeciesPolar Bear
Height10 feet, 7 inches.
Weight243 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is a shaggy snow white covering her whole body and obsuring any really detailed view of her chisled frame, allowing her to look more feminine and fluid.
Hair ColourChun-Li type hair buns that hold back her long ivory hair. Hair is done in the same style as Li also.
Eye ColourA coal black set under thick eyelashes.
ClothingA chinese style satin red shirt with emblazoned light blue snowflakes swirling up the right side of the shirt. The shirt ends at her curved hips, allowing fur to cover the rest.
WeaponryHer 13 inch forepaws tipped with 3 inch long black claws.
Outstanding FeaturesShe has the Hammer and Sickle sign of her homeland tatooed on her left mid upper thigh. Its outlined in gold, filled with red ink.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet to her friends, but when crossed or angered can become quite dangerous. Is a comfortable loner with a few extra good friends. Loves to do favors for said friends, and protects her loved ones with all she's worth.
BackgroundRaised in Russia, but trained in Japan's rich mountians in the way of several karate and self dispicline styles, Valeriya incorporates what she loves into each other. After leaving Japan, fluent in several fighting styles, she went back to her Russian home to learn their own fighting style, Sambo. Used to protect the Tsar for thousands of years, this fighting style is now used by the Speznat and the remnants of the KBG for close, quick, efficent hand to hand combat. Wide paws tipped with 3 inch long, almost half a inch thick at the base claws make her "hands" more lethal then any humans. But, despite all this violence she lives with, Val is quite friendly and easy going. Some other furs and people are offset but her large porportions, but at heart she is just a big snuggle bear... with a few extra feet on the regular furson. Loves to travel, and does talk with a Russian lisp to her voice.
LikesSnow, training in quiet places, running through mountainsides, volleyball/soccer, fine Russian vodka and Japanese saki.
DislikesLoud men, loud cities, boistiouroius and arrogant new fighters, fake vodka/saki
LocationLives mostly in the Russian shoreline adjacent to Nihon. Does have family in Moskva and in Tokyo.
OccupationTraveling Fighter.
Additional InfoFighting styles are - Sambo ( Russian ) Shaolin, Ninjistu, others.