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Mario (c) me

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMario
Weight145lbs. (norm) / ??? (max)
SummaryHe was an average Folf who didn't care a thing and always partied until 4 years ago he founded a dragon egg that caused him to change his size and weight freely without harm doing to himself. When he was younger before he aquired sizeshifting and weightshifting, He mastered his concentration powers (or as he called it; ninjutsu) and as he attempted to do a deadly move, something happened to his right eye that completely blackened it permamently.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark Blue fur
Hair Colourblack
Eye Colourblue
Clothing(see pic ^^)
Accessories(see pic)
Weaponry(see picture)
Special Abilitiessizeshifting wieghtshifting ninjutsu taijutsu

Personality & Background

Personalitya party goer, mostly on his wild (sex) side, outgoing, very popular, and tough
BackgroundHe hasn't done anything that corrupted him until he killed someone that tried to rob a convient store.
LikesPartying, sex, growth, muscles, vore, a bit of paws >=3 P.S. I <3 fat furs <3~~~
Dislikespretty much nothing ^^
LocationMiami =3
OccupationCollege Freshman =3

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Alright ladies! Let's have fun!!!"

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