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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWombie
SpeciesShire Horse
Age5 (Horse years) 19 (human years)
Weightjust shy of 1 tonne

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBody fur is a dark brown/Auburn colour with black hairs scattered through it. Wombie has four long stockings, her hind left stocking trails up to her hip at the front of the leg. Wombie also has a large white blaze same shape on both sides but does not cover her eyes, she also has a small white splash on the left side of her face between her cheek and muzzle.
Hair ColourMane and Tail colour is true black, however some short dark brown hairs are present at the root tips.
Eye ColourHazel Eyes, brown around the pupil fading into green.
ClothingAnthro and feral formed wombie usually resides in the nude as her fur strategically covers naughty parts, however if she must Jeans and a nice fitted t-shirt are put on.
AccessoriesEarrings: Two hooped earrings in her left ear, two ball studs in her right (in both anthro and feral form) In anthro form she also wears a ring on her right hand.
Outstanding FeaturesWombies most noticable feature is her immensie height, however she is anythign but a fatty horse! She is Toned beautifully in both anthro and feral forms with a nice layer of fat over the top to make her form smooth.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWombie is a very friendly mare and tends to get along well with everyone, she is kind and considerate of her friends and loves company, however sometime shes likes her alone time and can get rather snappy (mares!) however she usually gets over these moods in a few days and is back to her usual friendly self.
LikesWombie likes Icecream and choclate and naughty things liek that, Movies and Blankets and rainey days! She also likes a wide range of alchaholic bevridges and consuming then :D
DislikesWombie dislikes cheats, liers and people who manipulate others.
LocationVictoria, Australia

Just for Fun