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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSixx The Behemoth
SpeciesAnthro Behemoth
Age31 as far as he knows
Weighta muscular 666lbs so either be strong before dealing witht his fur

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe has both scales and fur, the fur is crimson red and his scales are cool gray. Most the time the pattern is the outer pieces of his body are usually coated in fur and the inner parts with scale with exception to his package [which is furred] his paws are furred at the top and scaled on the bottoms. Make no mistake the furred parts have a coat of the same rough scales underneath the fur. With exception to the package of course.
Hair ColourBlood red is his hair color, originally as a human he had brown hair and dyed it red. When he became a behemoth the trial of fighting dyed his hair in blood once more. This hair is long and even for his height it grows down to the middle of his back. its not as long at the front but he would sooner see you than you seeing his eyes looking through his hair.
Eye ColourThere is a pattern. Crimson red but if he lets you this close you are either dead or you are his next interest. Congrats!
ClothingHe would be lucky to have any on a given day. The muscles of his large body tear clothing quite often, then there are people who actually want to know what he is. But those lucky days he may have pants and on luckier days a black t-shirt.
AccessoriesWell did i forget to mention he had large horns on his head, the picture should show them well enough. They have grown since then. They are quite sharp just hope he doesn't ram them through you. Once he had a dog tag that he got before leaving the lab, it was labeled Project Hellfire Experiment 6x.
WeaponryPiercing and cold looks from afar. Enemies get the horns, his razor sharp claws, his constricting large tail [some friends do too], and if you catch him on a bad day, the full extent of his size changing and his magical arsenal and rage.
Special AbilitiesSince he is technically a concept borrowed from final fantasy I like to give some credit by modeling him as a monster on there. Scanning of the Creature Before Your Reveals the following Information: Sixx The Behemoth Lvl 42 Hp 6666/6666 MP ???/??? Weakness to Holy Weakness to High Level Cures [Cure 16, Cure X, Curega [not to be the same as Curaga] Weakness to Nice Resistance to Ice and Fire Greatly Strengthend by Earth and Lightning Invulnerable to Fear [unless he sees a white mage long story] Invulnerable to Poison Invulnerable to Mute Invulnerable to Toad + Pig Invulnerable to Exit or Escape Invulnerable to stop Is affected by Slow [Pretty much a boss battle] Monster Abilities: Size Change [Increases str, hp, and defense at increase of size, decrease str and defense but increases all other stats besides mp] Gore [Reverse regen as he rends your flesh you begin to quickily lose blood and your health drains] Ram [Horns ouch! Defense Piercing] Sneeze [aa aaa chu removes whoever is fighting him from combat, this is accidental if it does happen] Fire Breath [what is supposed to happen when he breathes heavy enough] Being part human he has other skills White Magic: Protect Barrier Shell Mighty Guard Hold Cure Esuna Haste Fear Black Magic: Firaga Blizzaga Quakega Thundega Manipulate Temper Quick Sabre Stop Double [Allows Dual Cast] Triple [Allows Tri Cast] Bubble [Doubles hp] Non hostile: Telepathy Ability never used: Mind Snap [hypnosis, but since he believes in his strength why use it]
Outstanding FeaturesWell he is a behemoth, he part scaled and furred. His ears are closer to that of a wolf's and he has a snout so no black wet nose. His tongue is half as long as his horns. and he has many scars. [Left eye, body, hands] It is said that once a behemoth is completely covered in scars that they can shed.

Personality & Background

Personality"I do what i want, you have problem?" -Quin FF9 This behemoth isn't like other huge creatures docile, but powerful. Do not cross him. There are very few that have beaten him at his own game. [There are some though] His moods change but not in the course of a day. Sometimes he is more arrogant or more aggressive, sometimes he doesn't talk a whole day.
BackgroundHe is a constantly evolving comic character. I will probably post my whole comic story in my forums at my website before completely drawing the story.
LikesSexually http://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Sixx%20M%20Wolfe Horrible Musician Decent Artist For more just talk to me these are the topics mates are made from.
DislikesExcessive Sarcasm, inactivity, one-timers [i don't mind the sex but i still want friends too] prejudice, unreasonable hatred There is more and if you have more than one of these expect to be ignored by me.
LocationThis is the topic that a mate gets to know about
OccupationLord and King of Mythical Beasts
Additional InfoNow looking for Servants 3 Males 2 Females and 2 Herms read my rabbit hole profile and apply by contacting me" Furcadia: Hellfire Behemoth

Just for Fun

Homepagehttp://www.freewebs.com/syrusthebehemoth/ [not updated]
Favourite Quote"I do what i want you have problem?"- Quin FF9

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