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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKasu
SpeciesKitsune (2-tail, myobu)
AgeUnknown, appears about 20.
WeightUm... 200 lbs?
SummaryWhy do I need a summary here if all the details are gonna be explained right below it?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark red base color, with beige belly/muzzletip/"gloves"/tailtip.
Hair ColourDark black, messy, medium-short length.
Eye ColourUsually a dark brown.
ClothingIf he's wearing clothing, it's usually a navy/black zip up hoodie, with an obscure-reference T shirt underneath; desert camo/khaki cargo shorts/pants, and sneakers.
AccessoriesBlack top hat. Rarely seen, but acts as a "plot hole" brand dimensional storage space. DEM v3.5: The "Deus Ex Machina", a transformation gun built by Kasu himself, and upgraded by a friend somewhere else. Can pretty much make somebody into something else. Also can make grenades.
WeaponryUsually keeps a knife at hand... just in case. Sometimes able to used improvised weaponry, depending on the setting.
Special AbilitiesBasic and advanced pyromancy (if it's fire-related, chances are good that he can do it). Standard knowledge of martial arts (rooted in Aikido, along with sword-and-staffsmanship).
Outstanding FeaturesNot that I know of, no.

Personality & Background


Just for Fun

HomepageI need a homepage?
BlogI need a blog?
Favourite Quote"I need a quote?" ~Kasu

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