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Vital Statistics!

Character NameXavier Gabriel
GenderMale (Gay)
Weight250 lbs (a bit overweight)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe has a two toned fur with a clear delimitation: Blue and white. His belly is mostly white as well as his inner thighs down to his knees. His forearms and hands are white to, plus his chin and hairs.
Hair ColourXavier likes his hairs short and messy. They are white and usually spiky.
Eye ColourHe naturally has white eyes. Which made him wonder why in the first years but he don't mind anymore.
ClothingAnything he puts his hand on that he thinks look pretty on him, though he usually has good tastes.
AccessoriesHe has many necklaces (usually 3 or 4) and has a simple analogical/numerical watch.
WeaponryPrefers not to fight.
Special AbilitiesIn expansion based RPs, he's able to control everything about him related to expansion and is practicing to begin controlling the other. In normal RPs, I haven't found anything.
Outstanding FeaturesHe wears his watch on the right wrists, not the left.

Personality & Background

PersonalityXavier is easy going and blunt. Those are the two words that would describe him best. He may come to you, meet you for the first time and tell you: «Hello! I'm gay, have a problem?» With the wide smile.
BackgroundJust a normal life.
LikesXavier likes animes, videogames, music, boys, big boys, muscled ones, expansion, fattening etc...
DislikesHomophobes freaks, rap, metal and people pissing him off. That's mostly all.
LocationHis house, Quebec city, Quebec, Canada, North America, Earth, Our solar system, Milky way, Space, Our dimension, our space/time continum. Precise enough?
OccupationSeller in a videogames store.
Additional InfoHe's my fursonna. - Anoneem

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote«I,m gay, fat and proud to be. Gota problem?»