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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShiver
AgeUnknown (Appearance in the mid 20s)
Height9 feet and up.
SummaryShiver is a fiesty Umbreon morph ((Evolution of the pokemon Eevee)) with a bit of a temper if you prod at her too much. She can change size based on the moon phase. Her tallest height all depends on how big the moon is and how many clouds are blocking it. She's a bit motherly, if a little bold with how much she can back talk from time to time. She knows she isn't the smartest being, but she still tries.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVery short, black fur with blue rings. ((Shiny variation))
Hair ColourLong and black.
Eye ColourGold
AccessoriesBlue hair tie. That's about it.
Special AbilitiesGrowth via the moon, Suction

Personality & Background

PersonalityA bit sarcastic, motherly, and feisty. Occasionally moody if you provoke her. Short tempered.
BackgroundShiver was a lab experiment, made to be a birth giving creature. She was genetically built to be incredibly strong and sturdy, due to the fact that the scientists intended to use her to house hybrids as they created them. She's a bit simple, though being around humans for so many years gave her a considerably good grasp on the English language. The other ability that they gave her was military based, with the intent of making her into a silent assassin in the night. She has the ability to grow based on the moon phase. However, there was a mass break out of the experiments inside of the lab, and most of them fled to the vast forest. Shiver aspires to follow her life goal that was set for her: to become a mother of a family and simply live freely. But, after recent events, she also has an aspiration of living a life among humans without being considered a great threat.
LikesFood, power, the forest, the city, her mate.
DislikesAttacks on her life, Creatures that purposely annoy her, and things of the like.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Grit your teeth and bear it."

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